Editing – Meister Ekhart – “Only the hand that Erases . . .”

You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write. – Saul Bellow


Only the hand that erases can write the true thing – Meister Johann Eckhart

Which is it? The words of the famous thirteenth-century German mystic or the modern Nobel Prize for Literature winner? Both, of course.

Editing – writing – involves juggling these two basic truths. Sometimes a text comes out finished; the trick is to believe in it and not fiddle around. Other times, most of the time, a text may rush out, but it’s falling over itself with excess words.

I like to go through a process of feeling the energy in the work, feeling its form, the way Michaelangelo said a block of stone had the sculpture inside. His job was to chip away till it revealed itself. Instead of treasuring every individual word as untouchable, I find it very easy to stand back at a distance and observe a page, the whole, so that it’s clear what needs to be left with no marks at all and what needs to be gone over lightly or heavily, even with a razor blade for sharpness. A lot of that, the author can do before coming to me. It’s when the author feels either stuck or finished or just wants a jolt of energy, a new angle to keep writing through, a different lens, that the editor can help the author go to a new level.

In editing for someone, you do this one step removed, because you are looking to capture – surround in the best textual context – the author’s own voice and words.


My Subtle Energy Bell Sounding to Thoughts

The audible, nonphysical bell was a phenomenon that appeared in my apartment in Tienen, Belgium, just after the sudden death of my boyfriend, Willy Vanluyten. It stayed over two years. It sounded somewhat like the watch sound that signals the hour, though there was no such watch in the apartment. It was part of an initiation. More on this and other subtle experiences inside Keep This Quiet! III: Initiations (2014) and the revised, expanded, retitled brand-new edition of volume IV, Ancient Secrets Revealed (2017). I was fascinated with all mysteries, this one included. Where did they come from? How could I use them creatively?

A glimpse from the about-to-be published revised fourth memoir, Ancient Secrets Revealed, takes us to Tienen, Belgium, in 1991. Willy had just died:

Thrown off balance—but excited—by the energy beginning to permeate the apartment Willy and I had shared, I felt the need to reach out to an old friend, though I had close female friends in a weekly “Inner Landscaping” course in self-development in Brussels and in a mystical Tai Chi course in Leuven. But I wanted someone with a longer view of me, who wouldn’t laugh outright at the fact that since Willy’s death I had a nonphysical bell sounding in my apartment in response to thoughts. Who could I call? Someone who took “weirdness” in stride? Hunter [Thompson].

Not that I told him right away about the bell or even about Willy, but I broached the topic of psychic experiences and he listened. At least, he didn’t dismiss them outright, but said he preferred the word “intuition.”

After numerous long calls January–April 1991, we found a window of opportunity to meet. It latched onto feelings never lost. We
both felt the old tie that had never broken stirred up. However, think about the unknown territory we had to cross now. Hunter did not know me as a mystic. He had only a clue or two about what was going on in my apartment—about which the reader will get more input coming right up. I did not know the extent of his increased drug use. It didn’t matter. We knew something more basic, which held on despite these important things that should have driven us apart. Would it, when we met?



“A Gathering of Angels”- September 14

Diana Henderson has given me the great honor of inviting me to be part of a beautiful event at Dancing Moon.

A Gathering of Angels Meetup Monthly Meetup

She gives details below and also here. where you can join and sign up to attend. Or just drop in if seating is not at capacity. Diana writes:

This meeting will introduce our audience to some of our local metaphysical and/or healing authors, who will share wisdom from their work to assist us in understanding ourselves, our journey, our wondrous univer

  • A Gathering of Angels PRESENTS 

    Wisdom from the Messengers
    Date: Thursday, September 14, 7 – 9 PM
    Location: Dancing Moon Books,
    1840 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh
    Hosted by: Diana Henderson with Margaret A. Harrell and Maryphyllis Horn
    Cost: $11 – $33 (Sliding scale; $11 minimum)

    Those who write books on healing, metaphysics and/or intuition are here as Divine messengers or emissaries to offer humanity solutions for walking the path consciously and moving through this great shift of the ages. At this meeting we’ll be joined by some of our local messengers to offer insights from their books and/or lives/practices. Each one will present for about 30 minutes and share concepts or techniques to further our understanding. This meeting will include:

    Presentations from the following authors: Margaret A. Harrell, Maryphyllis Horn and Diana Henderson

    • Meditation, information and/or experiential exercise with each author

    • A crystal for each attendee and exercise to work with it from Diana’s upcoming book

    • Door prize drawing

    Please bring a pen and paper if you wish to make notes.

    In her most recent book, Keep This Quiet! IV: More Initiations, Margaret A. Harrell dives deeper into the world of visions, computer-PK (mental influence over the computer), divine guidance, Psychologist Carl Jung, and science. Her path spans spirituality and the quantum mind, Hunter Thompson and the Indian guru Dhyanyogi-ji, whose tradition of Kundalini Maha Yoga she is initiated into. Many traditions join hands in this book to make “a book of wonder—spirit, ghosts, hope, mysticism, mystery,” writes Alice Osborn, author of Heroes without Capes. This book is available at Dancing Moon, on Amazon and on Margaret’s website, www.MargaretHarrell.com, where you can learn more about her other books and considerable accomplishments and honors. In addition to her work as a writer, editor and photographer, she teaches light body meditation courses in the DaBen and Orin school of LuminEssence, which explore the dynamics and untapped potential of ourselves in various translations of our energy.

    Maryphyllis Horn, M.Ed., is a renowned shamanic practitioner and metaphysical interfaith minister. She specializes in soul retrieval, shamanic journeying, Ancestral Lines Clearing©, Karmic Matrix Clearing©, past life regression, and spiritual hypnotherapy. At this meeting, she’ll present information from her book, Transforming the Soul: Beyond Soul Retrieval. The experiential portion will help you to know what it’s like to relate to a retrieved soul part. Maryphyllis is also the author of Whispering with Animals and Ancestral Lines Clearing. You may find her books at Dancing Moon and other locations locally as well as on Amazon.com. Learn more about her and her amazing work at http://www.soulshaman.com.

    Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Author and Ascension Artist Diana Henderson founded the Order of Michael in 2002. She practices several alternative healing modalities and teaches classes in all levels of Reiki, Angels, Intuition, Crystals, and more. She is also the founder of Sacred Heart Soul Healing, a new yet ancient healing modality for the Golden Age. Much of her work as a healer/teacher/messenger focuses on assisting others in opening to their gifts and enhancing their spiritual connection—hastening the journey to enlightenment. Diana is the author of the novel Grandfather Poplar. She is currently working on three other books. Kindred of the Crystal Kingdom, which is in the editing phase, will be the subject for this evening. Keep reading here.


Italy – Art by Margaret Harrell – 2017

A section of the November/December issue of the magazine Art International Contemporary was devoted to ‘’Il Genio dell’Art,” or “The Genius of Art.” Sun Spotlight on Faces” was accepted into it. And I am eagerly waiting now to see what the printed version looks like!

Sun Spotlight on Faces Margaret Harrell

In a second Italy art event, The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2017 was launched in September in Berlin at the Georges-Casalis-Hall. It is curated in Italy. And I was invited into it. How I would have loved to attend in person (sigh). The location was the Französischer Dom.

You won’t get any more central that this. The French Cathedral (called the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche or the Französischer Dom) stands in the middle of Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin’s historical city centre. As a

“Clouds Floating” – Variation of “Cloud Gathering”

venue for receptions, events, conferences and cultural events, it has the best possible location in Berlin and is easily accessible by public transport. This Baroque cathedral presents guests with an event venue that is both chaste and illustrious in character. The great hall, with its 700 square metres, has room for 500 – 600 guests. A further highlight of the French Cathedral is the stunning Georges-Casalis-Hall – an oval room with wooden parquet floors – perfect for lectures, conferences or receptions for 100 to 150 people.

The edifice commonly known as the Französicher Dom is, in fact, two separate buildings: the older Französische Friedrichstadtkirche and the more recent cathedral known as the Französischer Dom. Church services and concerts, as well as conferences run by the Evangelische Akademie and other events organisers, are held in the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche. The Französicher Dom is home to the Huguenot Museum, and also has a viewing platform. Wikipedia gives a little history:

Berlin Französischer Dom art event – Margaret Harrell








Französischer Dom (the term is German for “French Cathedral,” but in the case of Gendarmenmarkt, Dom refers to the French word for English “dome” and not to a cathedral. Neither church on Gendarmenmarkt was ever the church of a bishop. . . .

Louis Cayart and Abraham Quesnay built the first parts of the French Church from 1701 to 1705 for the Huguenot (Calvinist) community. At that time, Huguenots made up about 25% of Berlin’s population. The French Church was modelled after the destroyed Huguenot temple in Charenton-Saint-Maurice, France.


Short Podcasts on Editing – What It Is

Below are two very short podcast interviews on how I see editing services. The first interview goes into some of the recent history of editing practices – with anecdotes.

The second is about my current editing services and trends in the fast-changing market. It touches on topics like the importance of having a book edited, including my own experience at being edited. Also, there are anecdotes. If you are writing a book or have a topic and want to begin, there’s a good chance I can help. And these podcasts may lend some insight into the publishing process.

If you want to listen to the full 30 minutes, here are the two segments as they were recorded, one after the other.


Paul Krassner’s Second Letter

Diving into my garage boxes, I found a follow-up note from Paul Krassner that confirms what I remembered: he explains that in my absence (I was in Las Angeles with Hunter during a quick weekend visit) he sent me a letter but addressed it to the wrong person at Random House. So here is how I found out about that and – yes – I hurried down to the Obscene Letters area to rescue it and read it. True, such a section existed at Random House down in the basement. It made for amusing reading, and I kept both letters as souvenirs.

Read excerpts from the original, funny – mash – letter here.


Personalities in the Keep This Quiet! Memoir Series

Who is in the Keep This Quiet! series? and where does it take place?

The posts below will introduce major people and places in Keep This Quiet! I-IV. Hunter Thompson, who figures pivotally in  Keep This Quiet! I and to a lesser but significant degree in II, has his own assortment of posts elsewhere. Below, you will find other players in Keep This Quiet! I-II, from Belgian poète maudit Jan Mensaert to poet, intellectural, guru  Milton Klonsky. Also, important players in Keep This Quiet! III, like quantum physicist Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Pauli and in-depth psychologist Carl Jung. And in Keep This Quiet! IV, Indian spiritual master Dhyanyogi-ji and neuroscientist Norman S. Don, who tests the parapsychological abilities of the famous psychic Olof Jonsson, who received planned telepathic transmissions during the Apollo mission to/from the moon. As the publisher lives in Romania, there is a post about Sibiu too.


Sibiu, Romania, Photos - Home of Saeculum Univ. Press

Saeculum University Press published the Keep This Quiet! books and many of my Love in Transition books before that. These photos are from Sibiu, Roman

Cameos: Hilda Doolittle, "Oxford Town," and Various

Hilda Doolittle (H. D.) was an Imagist poet. I studied her in graduate school at Columbia University. I moved into her only daughter's brownstone in N...

Rescuing Milton

There's a wonderful post, On Klonsky on Blake written by W.C. Bamberger on Zoamorphosis.com. That website focuses on the work of poet/artist William B

Hunting for Thompson - HST BOOKS

Many thanks to Marty Flynn, owner of HST Books, who has added this post. I have reproduced the beginning below. But I am sure you will want to click "

Keep This Quiet! Vol. 2 - Jan Mensaert

Jan Mensaert entered the Keep This Quiet! series in vol. I. I first met him in Casablanca, Morocco, on a trip. And immediately traveled by bus back wi

Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli - Two Giants

In 1931, Pauli, a physics professor at a university in Zurich, consulted Jung about his psychological issues and alcohol use; his mother had committed...

Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung: Initiations

Above, Pauli sits with Einstein. Now both men [Jung and Pauli] are dead. Physics has undergone great advances with its grand unified theories and its

More on Milton Klonsky - Commentary Magazine, etc.

Here are some links to further the introduction to Milton Klonsky.  Commentary has preserved his articles in their magazine, including (under Culture

Norman S. Don & Psychic Olof Jonsson

Norman S. Don, a neuroscientist and parapsychologist, is in Keep This Quiet! IV. The video above, which he gave me to post, shows psychic Olof Jon...

Indian Saint Dhyanyogi-ji in Keep This Quiet! IV

Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas-ji was a Hindu master spiritual teacher - to be exact, a Kundalini Maha Yoga sat guru who "left the body" in India on the morn...

Now is the Time to Awaken Your Light Body

What are you waiting for? It will change your entire life. It did mine. And it kept changing it—as the years rolled on. The light body never failed to help me adapt and stretch to any situation. It also boosts your creativity, because it comes out of boundless energy. The light body is older and wiser than any of us. However, its energy, when properly focused, goes right into our everyday lives and energizes us on all levels.

I learned this course the “hard way” – by foot, train, and taxi – and in a foreign language, Dutch. I lived in Belgium. But it didn’t matter. The energies were there, regardless of the language and circumstances. I was amazed that I could actualize visualize with my eyes closed. The energies danced into “visions” when I least expected it, and they transported that excitement into me. As the energies danced into transformation, so that excited energy remained in me. So much so that I eventually began to teach the courses. And more courses. Till I was teaching practically every light body course that was offered to the public through a teacher.

I offer you a free introductory hour to see how you like these guided meditations yourself. I can guide you into a meditation and let you experience DaBen and Orin, the originators of the foundation course. Come, enjoy. I always do. And I think you will too.


The photos comes from the CDs in the six-box home study program of Awakening Your Light Body created by LuminEssence, www.orindaben.com; there, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer describe these courses they channeled, which are now taught worldwide. Great attention is paid to being authentic and not over-commercialized. Are you ready for this course? If so, please contact me. You can start immediately.



The Time I Almost Edited Norman Mailer

The End of Obscenity: The Trials of Lady Chatterley, Tropic of Cancer & Fanny Hill by the Lawyer Who Defended Them is dear to my heart.

This now-classic received the George Polk Memorial Book of the Year Award in journalism. Random House considered it an important manuscript, and to edit it, I was “loaned out”—assigned to work at the law offices of the author, Harvard-educated Charles Rembar, all day every day for a couple of months. In the conference room, I sat at a big table with him and piles of chapters he’d drafted to stand alone.  

The writing was excellent, as Rembar felt a lively rivalry with his first cousin Norman Mailer—not just on the tennis courts. Yet, because of the stand-alone approach to each chapter, he—as he knew—had introduced topics and reintroduced and reintroduced them later on. We were working with a typewriter, not a computer, which meant that I had to turn my brain into a cross-referencing data bank.

So, morning to night (ordering in lunch and taking an evening break for an expense-account-paid dinner at a restaurant nearby), we turned the isolated chapters into a flowing book.

It’s because of Rembar, in part, that I wound up having a private  conversation, one on one, with Norman Mailer in a Greenwich Village loft. My friend, mentor, and sometime boyfriend—poet, essayist, and Blake critic Milton Klonsky—had taken me to a party, in the home of actress Geraldine Page and husband Rip Torn. There, Mailer and I discussed his introduction to The End of Obscenity. I had already decided it couldn’t be edited, though I had tried. But it is wisdom to let well enough alone. This was one such situation. Initially attempting to tighten the language, I quickly discovered that Mailer’s style built repetition on repetition; trying to eliminate any of it was like pulling a thread from a carefully woven tapestry.

When I told him that, he commented that maybe he would have liked being edited. My impression of Mailer was of his presence. I felt his full attention and a very responsive face, with energy rippling through it. I was surprised and never forgot. As for Geraldine Page, she would later win an Oscar for Best Actress to massive applause—over Anne Bancroft, Jessica Lange, Meryl Streep, and Whoopi Goldberg; the announcer called her “the best actress in the English language today.” But in this loft party, neither she nor anyone else seemed pretentious. They were artists and authenticity ran deep. Read more on Rembar and the history of banning books in the U.S. in The Guardian.

After the successful trial of Grove Press and Rembar, freeing Lady Chatterley’s Lover (D.H. Lawrence), Penguin in England followed suit. Read more on that fascinating prelude to our modern era here in The Telegraph.

D. H. Lawrence


I was very lucky in 2016 - 2017 to be in a number of podcast interviews, art exhibits, YouTube events - and would like very much to preserve the links on one page so that it's easy to click on them and go to the related posts or urls. Below are some of the events and YouTube presentations:

MUSIC TRAILERS – the Keep This Quiet! series

Music Trailers for the Keep This Quiet! series.  These are short music pieces and drawings by Belgian poet Jan Mensaert, my onetime husband, that I particularly like and that set the tone of the Belgium/Morocco portions of the first two Keep This Quiet! volumes. The 1960s and '70s. They are happy and carefree (despite the sometime volatile tragedy  of his life) and in a tone of "the free, experimental poet and graphic artist".


I am particularly proud of the exhibits below. The locales are highly picturesque settings in "Old Europe," noted for their artistic heritage. Not only was I invited into these events, but a couple provided me with the first official art reviews. This is very rewarding to me, to see my cloud images sharing space with successful artists of all nationalities. And in historical venues that line up with art of the past. I hope this portends well for 2017.

Galileo Galilei Award - Pisa - 2017

Exhibit January 22. 2017 This was awarded inside the  Congress Palace, Galileo Galilei Room,  in Pisa, Italy. Galileo was very interested in art

The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016 - Vienna

The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016 a curated group exhibit - Steinberg  Palace - Vienna, Austria In Vienna I joined a small group of artis

Florence, Italy, Art Award/Critique - November 2016

Below is memorabilia from the Florence, Italy, "Contemporaries in the City of the Uffizi" exhibit I was in, in November. It took place at the Ximen...


Hunter S. Thompson's Son Juan and Margaret A. Harrell
Juan Thompson and me over dinner in the Brown Hotel during GonzoFest in Louisville, KY

In 2017 I have the honor to be on a Gonzo Fest literary panel on Hunter Thompson coming up in April. Here is a photo from 2016, where in an unforgettable evening, thanks to Jinn Bug and Ron Whitehead, I met and had dinner with Juan Thompson at the Brown Hotel:

In 2014, when I first went to Louisville and participated in the Gonzo Fest, Nick Storm (Storm Generation Films) made a video of the presentation, and there are a couple of clips from that hour-long event below. Contact me if you would like to purchase the full DVD at a minimal cost.

2014: GONZO FEST - EXCERPTS of Margaret's Presentation at Carmichael's Bookstore - hour-long video by Nick Storm, journalist and film maker

Meeting Hunter Thompson

Hunters Legacy in my Books

Letters from Oscar Acosta


Below are one print interview and four podcasts, in which three wonderful interviewers discussed Jungian dream interpretation, the Keep This Quiet! series, Hunter Thompson, and meditation with me - using their different, highly honed skills to get at the topics. I really enjoyed their questions. If these topics interest you, please click to listen.

GONZO TODAY the Next Generation of Journalism and Culture

GONZO TODAY interview with Charlie Seller

"The Margaret Ann Harrell" Interview" - on various topics loosely focused around Keep This Quiet! IV and Hunter S. Thompson


Victoria (AYRIAL TalkTime) talks with author Margaret Harrell who shares her intimate experiences with Hunter S. Thompson, founder of “gonzo journalism,” along with highlights from her book, a memoir series; Keep This Quiet!

Victoria (AYRIAL TalkTime) talks with author and light body worker Margaret Harrell about dream interpretation, meditation and Keep This Quiet!: More Initiations, the fourth volume in her legacy memoir series.

Victoria (AYRIAL TalkTime) talks with author Margaret Harrell talks about the value of meditation and her relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, founder of “gonzo journalism,” along with highlights from her book, a memoir series; Keep This Quiet!

REAWAKENING YOUR BRILLIANCE with Julie Coraccio. A Skype interview on Julie's show, a bit long but I think I made some good points as I talk about my experiences and dreams while at the Jung Institute.

Recent Art Publications

Catalogs (full color)
International Award Galileo Galilei: The Scientist Who Wanted to be an Artist
Contemporaries in the City of the Uffizi

Magazines (Italian, in English)
January/February issue - Art International Contemporary (Italian publication, in English)

September - Best Modern and Contemporary Artists (launched in Berlin at the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche) 

November /December - Art International Contemporary inside the section "Il Genio dell’arte" (The Genius of Art)
November/December - Art International Contemporary

Fine Art Masters That Sell (click the link for a live podcast interview about my photography



Marquis Who's Who Industry Leaders - "Margaret Ann Harrell"

Italy - Art by Margaret Harrell - 2017

A section of the November/December issue of the magazine Art International Contemporary was devoted to ‘’Il Genio dell’Art," or "The Genius of Art." "

Gallery Representation

In 2016 I became represented by the Ward-Nasse Gallery New York City.
178 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012
Tues.- Sat. 11-6 and Sun. 1-6
(212) 925-6951











"Margaret A. Harrell Recognized by Marquis Who’s Who for Excellence in Writing & Photography" Legacy Biography


"AYRIAL Association of Body Mind and Spirit Consultants Inducts its 2nd VIP Power Woman of the Year Circle"