Evolving into Your Luminous Body


Join me in 2024 for a LuminEssence “Awakening Your Light Body” course in person or on Zoom. I help you, through the marvelous energies available in the light body and the luminous body, bring your Earth life into alignment with your soul’s potential for your life. And if you want a trial in advance, I offer a free “Preparatory Awakening Your Light Body” class for 1 and a half hours.


Evolving into Your Luminous Body:
Part 1 Discovering Your Luminous Body

If you have had AYLB, I am teaching a very special course, Da Ben and Duane Packer’s “Discovering the Luminous Body.” Contact me for the date and to discuss what the course entails.

Duane Packer, the founder with DaBen, writes:

There is no end to the levels of consciousness you can reach and the experiences you can have. All expansions of consciousness into more light change your perceptions, insights, understandings, and the way you live your life. With each shift into higher consciousness you are able to make choices and decisions, and to live a life that feels more fulfilling and rewarding.

DaBen, your guide, and many luminous beings
will assist you in evolving into your luminous body.

NEW: WAYS TO STUDY the light body courses

You can learn the light body centers and skills with me in  class – privately or in a small group. Or if not close by, you can study with me through Skype, by phone, by email, and through transmissions that hold energy for your success in the course and in all things.


Another class option for graduates of “Awakening Your Light Body” is the “Radiance: Self-Exciting” course. If you are ready for a private class, we can begin right away. Or small group classes begin all year round.

Here is the LuminEssence website description of “Self-Exciting”:

Self-Exciting Skills Form the Foundation for Higher Levels of Light Body Experiences
Self-Exciting is a skill and a state on which many other light body skills and states of consciousness are based. If there is one graduate course to take, it would be this one as it teaches you Self-Exciting states that make it possible to have a better experience of all graduate light body courses.

The Self-Exciting skills support you in having better experiences
of the light body spaces at all levels of study.

To take “Self-Exciting,” you must have completed “Awakening Your Light Body.”

The first AYLB class (of 6) is “Building Your Power Base” and introduces the lower three vibrational energy bodies that run up the spine:

This is one of DaBen and Orin’s most transformative spiritual growth courses. Part 1, Building Your Power Base is the place to start to transform your life and consciousness. . . Directly experience many higher, expanded states of consciousness. DaBen transmits energies to teach you how to activate your light body centers (not chakras). Orin provides many processes to assist you in preparing for the rapid growth that can occur as you awaken your light body.

Click the link at the top of the page or contact me to learn more, including prices.

I have studied their work since 1992 and taught it since returning to the U.S. from Belgium in late 2001. Every year I take two brand-new DaBen/Duane Packer courses, keeping up with the latest work to come out and be anchored in the light body grid. For anyone who has already had the “Awakening Your Light Body” prerequisite, there is a long list of Graduate light body courses I teach here. The list has not been updated for several years, so in reality it should be much much longer!

Why study with Margaret?
You will find me listed one of a handful of LuminEssence light body teachers in the United States who are permitted to teach the most advanced light body courses, with the most experience and courses (taken and taught). Click here for teacher listing. In the U.S. only a handful of teachers are listed on the Orin-DaBen website with permission to teach the same level of courses. And only about twenty in the world. This is excluding the “Discovering the Luminous Body” course, which even fewer are allowed to teach.

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What happens in “Awakening Your Light Body,” the initial course?
You awaken your 7 vibrational energy body centers that run subtly along the spine (CD boxes in box 4). On the foundation of that harmony, you then take a Quantum Leap to awaken the first two light body centers (in box 5) and finally another Quantum Leap to awaken the upper light body (in box 6). Then you radiate this new harmony, know what you wish to manifest, and manifest it with much more ease. You are also opening your channel and acquiring the ability to attract a high-level guide or to become aware of the guides who are with you now. Alternately, you can be accessing your soul wisdom and the Universal Mind.

At every class DaBen and Orin, Sanaya and Duane, and I TRANSMIT energy to you individually. Then you are joining those helping to shift the energy of the planet toward more beautiful opportunities. If you would like to meet and talk about the course, let me know.

Other courses, such as Channeling

I also teach a number of light body-related courses on manifesting and channeling that do not require the AYLB prerequisite. If interested, ask me!


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