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In this grand summary of her soul journey, following on Space Encounters II, which was called “a manual of the universe,” Margaret Harrell goes where few dare to tread: recounting her initiations that started in Zurich, with a death, took her to “the Christ State” and back, and brought in in a significant and relevant way the off-Earth use by spirits of her relationship to Gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson, showing how everything, even the patterns we unwittingly make, is “up for grabs,” or rather craftily, lovingly, intelligently added into the Earth Bank of knowledge to be drawn from.





“Margaret Ann Harrell’s book of initiations is a golden bough, a sacred marriage, an initiation, a wake, a book of revelation, a literary and spiritual journey into and through an ever expanding universal consciousness. Margaret Ann Harrell’s BEYOND 3-D is her Big Book, her epic narrative poetic masterpiece.
“Like Blake’s Jerusalem, Goethe’s Faust, Joyce’s Ulysses, Mann’s The Magic Mountain, this is Margaret Harrell’s magnum opus. “But like Joyce’s Finnegans Wake it will likely take folks years and years to translate to unravel the mysteries included within.”—Ron Whitehead, Lifetime US Beat Poet Laureate

“Margaret has done an amazing job witnessing for us all the deep path of walking with the Self. As
Mother Earth moves into her heart chakra, Margaret does as well and tells the story to us from there.”— Jyoti, internationally renowned spiritual teacher

“I am amazed and in awe that Margaret describes these principles through real-life experiences. Incredible. This book is really a mind-opener.”—Jef Crab, Master Taiji teacher, Taoist, Rainforest activist

“The information of the universal nature of each soul offers a good potential to remove some of the barriers or veils between otherwise divergent ways of thinking and believing. I’m glad Margaret is putting this out there.”–the late Al Miner, channel to Lama Sing


cover image: Grant Goodwine

With computer PK, philosophy, an explosive MRI, and commentary by Taiji master Jef Crab, Tricks High Up adds enjoyably to Margaret Harrell’s adventures in life, exploring everything about whatever spot she finds herself in, whatever initiation, including when things disappear. Included in the topics is how to deal with a bad health diagnosis: how, using upbeat emotions, nonattachment, and other spiritual tools, beside modern medicine, you can breeze through a life-threatening time. “In fact,” Jef Crab explained, “being infected with the Ebola virus was one of the best experiences of my life. I was in this big bright creative energy.” He added that using the creative energy can be in the garden, teaching Taiji . . . Whatever takes us into those energies that are beyond our everyday level, where we find—”

“—connections,” Margaret finished. This is a short, but profound, intense read.

NEW in 2023!

Space Encounters II-rev:

Inserting Consciousness into Collisions:

A True Fantasy Adventure by the Earth

through the Quantum-Entangled World

cover image: Grant Goodwine

Inserting Consciousness into Collisions—the revised, expanded Volume III of the Space Encounters series—investigates a host of unconscious principles operating on/in us all. As in a detective story, the author explores an undeveloped side of “chaotic-unfolding”—that through research, intuition, and channeled spirit work, over decades, she digested into a revelatory text, packed with the energy of the topic spilling out to the reader.

So we live in a world filled with quantum particles. Have you ever wondered how that might look, practically speaking, in our history—playing out through historical figures? Investigating unconscious strands of connected “Event” bytes, or quanta, Space Encounters—put together as through the loom of Penelope—follows the Earth itself through passages of the past (cast in modern light); at the docking point, some new principles, as well as reminders in biographies of the past, collide. Able to recount the steps, this ongoing pursuit breathtakingly lays down on the pages some of the principles operating, till now, unconsciously throughout the Earth. Inherited (it must be stressed), rather than discovered single-handedly, it is reported inside some mappings of the lives and ideas of famous figures who reveal the workings of these insights. Harrell thinks of herself as a custodian of the unfolding ideas in this work; or, Montaigne said: “I am coextensive with what I write.”

To open the book, Ron Whitehead, Lifetime US Beat Poet Laureate offers a poem. To conclude, Jef Crab, Taoist and Master Tai Chi teacher, gives chapter-specific analysis and thoughts aligning Space Encounters with Taoism and his own perspective to help the reader integrate the material.


“Finally, a manual of the Universe but also connected to the deep psychology of the human being. In easy to grasp terms Margaret reveals insight into the processes that connect past, future and now; the quantum world with daily existence and seemingly superficial events with deep spirituality. The magic of this book is that it positions our place in the universe and our dream of life with much more clarity. A manual indeed.”—Jef Crab, Tai Chi master and Taoist

“This is a soul journey in and through and beyond space and time. All of Margaret A. Harrell’s books are connected, linked. They are her never ending life story. Her new book is plugged in, an electric shock, a wake up call for those bold and daring enough to take the wildly delightful adventure to the whirling ever changing source of all and everything.”—Ron Whitehead, US Lifetime Beat Poet Laureate
“A wizard of turning the sign language of the specifics into messages of the beyond . . .
“A fantastic journey into the source of creativity. Another re-story-ing of how our lives are entangled in the grandiose web of the universe. This time taken from a myriad of perspectives: quantum leaps and how they shake up the Newtonian mechanistic worldview, Jungian archetypal wisdom seen from a quite unique angle, the huge impact on a life’s course starting with childhood imprints, spicy poetic wordplay endowed with meaning…a writer who composes symphonies of words and dances along the cosmic plot lines she is detecting. This is heralding a new style of life where the old story is no longer valid, the narrative of warmongers and suppression coming to an end. A new story is revealed paradoxically containing and rebirthing ancient wisdom. A re-story-ing of how the grand web of the universe is entangled with our personal lives boiling down to that marvelous gem that tells us all living beings matter to the grand web. The whole journey is a wake-up call: what you do, matters and impacts the cosmos…Creation is a creative act and we are all involved. Read this book as an eye-opener, I-opener, beyond the eye/I. Join the dance of Space Encounters III!”—Chris Van de Velde, Belgium



What happens when the blinders against quantum “magic” are lifted? Our life experience shifts profoundly. The updated, new edition of Keep This Quiet! IV – retitled  Ancient Secrets Revealed – integrates mystical, practical Teachings embedded in Harrell’s life. The narrative begins in the ’90s in Belgium, where parapsychological, or siddhi, phenomena follow the death of her boyfriend. That death is preceded by uncanny subtle warnings and followed by parapsychological phenomena. In particular, an audible bell comes to stay in the apartment for a couple of years – a bell heard by many people, that seems to accompany thoughts. Not too long after the death, Harrell checks in with Gonzo journalism creator, Hunter Thompson, and winds up five months later at his home in Owl Farm. They have not seen each other physically for 21 years. Will she return to her Flemish base? Will the bell still be there? Yes. Initiations welcome her back, drawing her further on her path. They include subtle encounters with Hindu guru Dhyanyogi-ji, whose Kundalini Maha Yoga she is initiated into. She dives into the experience of spirit committees, visions, computer-PK (mental influence over the computer), psychologist Carl Jung, and quantum mechanics as it relates to consciousness. Many traditions join hands on “the edge” of timeless mysteries. Margaret has been called “a grand synthesizer,” which you can dip into below in sampling the various topics and reading about the various people that will come into view as you read Ancient Secrets Revealed.

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