New Classes – 2018

Join me in 2018 – at any time –  for an “Awakening Your Light Body” course!  The first class (of 6), “Building Your Power Base,” introduces the first three vibrational energy bodies that run up the spine in positions similar to the chakras. This light energy, however, is not the same as the chakra system of kundalini:

This is one of DaBen and Orin’s most transformative spiritual growth courses. Part 1, Building Your Power Base is the place to start to transform your life and consciousness as you awaken your light body. Directly experience many higher, expanded states of consciousness. DaBen transmits energies to teach you how to activate your light body centers (not chakras). Orin provides many processes to assist you in preparing for the rapid growth that can occur as you awaken your light body.

Contact me at 919/782-9257 to learn more. Or read more on this website.

And if you have already had the course and know someone who might be interested, please let them know.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2018 – and may all you’re planted be reaped easily in joy. Light body work is about easy manifesting. More information from LuminEssence is on their website here.

I have studied their work since 1992 and taught it since returning to the U.S. from Belgium in late 2001. Every year I still take two courses, keeping up with the latest work to come out of this school and be anchored in the light body grid.

For anyone who has already had “Awakening Your Light Body,” you can see a list of the other courses I teach (prerequisite AYLB) here.