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I have been offered the amazing possibility of teaching “Discovering  Your Luminous Body” and am beginning the first class now, in November. Afterwards, in February, I start a new class to again introduce the Luminous Body, which is a potential part of your energy field, that lifts everything into more light, more joy, more ease and clarity. For this second class if you are interested, please contact me. Prerequisite: Awakening Your Light Body.

It’s possible to take this either in a live class or through Skype. You will need to buy the LuminEssence downloads (journeys and talks). Total cost for this course, discounted to $200. There will also be a class with me once a month. The cost for that depends on class size. $50 – $100 a class. Total time: 4 – 6 months.

The Luminous Body, once you contact it and begin to integrate and assimilate it, brings great peace and high levels of consciousness into your life, sudden sparkle, suddemn moments of being lifted into divine energies.

From the website:

The luminous body is an expansion beyond the light body. Expanding to this level of light brings you insights into the very nature of who you are on the earth plane. As you evolve into your luminous body you can operate from a level of consciousness that allows you to more easily change your life and consciousness. You reorient your consciousness to a higher light and reach a high point above earth plane energies where you are no longer held back by mass consciousness ideas and thought forms. As your consciousness expands you can continually upgrade and improve your circumstances, make the needed changes in your relationships to bring greater peace and harmony, and create shifts in your health, body, and physical well-being.

There is no end to the levels of consciousness you can reach and the experiences you can have. All expansions of consciousness into more light change your perceptions, insights, understandings, and the way you live your life. With each shift into higher consciousness you are able to make choices and decisions, and to live a life that feels more fulfilling and rewarding.

DaBen, your guide, and many luminous beings
will assist you in evolving into your luminous body.