Cloud Optics Artbook

Toward a Philosophy of Perception: The Magnitude of Human Potential—Cloud Optics

ISBN: 9781420801491  Mind-Body-Spirit / Self-Help / Art / Photography
November ’05 Expanded Reissue
Coffeetable-sized. Lavishly illustrated with 33 color cloud photographs.
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Toward a Philosophy of Perception - back cover
Toward a Philosophy of Perception – back cover


A thoughtful and thought-provoking text illustrating a powerful and extended journey into a higher consciousness … a seminal work of wit, wisdom, and imagination.

Midwest Book Review, Reviewer’s Choice, Small Press Bookwatch June 2005

A book to be read and savored and reflected upon time and time again.

Midwest Book Review, Reviewer’s Choice, Small Press Bookwatch, July 2005

This is Margaret A. Harrell’s gift, . . . the images and the writing that goes with them. . . . (She is) an energy manifester and she’s bringing it through these energies. . . . This is not only an art book, it’s not only an intellectual book, it’s about raising consciousness. . . . something uniquely different . . . aren’t in the Earth archetypes.

Mariah Martin

Serious about improving perception and achieving a greater awareness of self-potential? An amazing book is now available . . . totally professional, serving lightning bolts of galvanizing insight . . . When first opening the pages, wondering how cloud optics could increase perception, the high quality, detailed photographs began to focus attention to an inner point or source. . . . Like white sunlight entering a crystal – revealing its hidden rainbow manifestations – leaving whole and white again – the book helps open brain/mind to actualize the vastness of potential. . . . One of the most perceptive works available for our time.

The Mindquest Review

“An unusual synopsis of the eight-volume Love in Transition series, which seeks to help readers achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Behind the series is the premise that all human beings, through our individual life experiences, have the potential to make an impact on the collective consciousness of humanity. According to Harrell, meditative encounters with remarkable individuals provide the means for tapping into the hidden wellspring of collective worldwide consciousness, as well as the basis of transcending boundaries of time and space and actualizing the latent potential of mankind. She describes in detail her psychic encounters with New York City luminary and poet, Milton Klonsky, and influential Indian Yoga master and saint, Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji. Each man imparted valuable information regarding inner energy and heightened consciousness, and Harrell’s collected essays, poems, photographs and musings filter those teachings through her own personal experiences. The work is punctuated by 33 full-color cloud photographs, windows of perception that Harrell employs as tools on her search .  . . . She offers tantalizing clues to various linguistic and semantic meanings across diverse disciplines—most of which assert that the universe cannot be explained in simple reductionist terms . . . nuggets of brilliant insight into life, death and the collective unconsciousness.