Keep This Quiet! III: Initiations begins in the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich, where Margaret was enrolled 1984-'87. She is headed for a big initiation there, which she narrates for us—showing how initiations are life-transforming. Notably, KTQ! III also dives into the debate between physicist Wolfgang Pauli and psychiatrist Carl Jung about how science/matter and psyche/spirit/synchronicity emerge from a unified psychophysical realm. Dreams lend assistance, as do the brilliant Jung-Pauli letters. Exercises in the back offer practical help in how to work with energy.

Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli - Two Giants

In 1931, Pauli, a physics professor at a university in Zurich, consulted Jung about his psychological issues and alcohol use; his mother had committed...

EXCERPT: Willy Vanluyten - Keep This Quiet! III & IV

Willy Vanluyten, my fifteen-years-younger boyfriend from 1987 to 1991, died suddenly in 1991, at just under 35 years old. Everything around the death ...

Parapsychology at the Rhine Center

What do you know? I just checked in to the Rhine Center website to look at some of their current research and what popped up but a familiar photo ...

Chris Van de Velde

Chris Van de Velde created "Inner Landscaping," from which his exercises at the back of the book are taken, with his permission. He later went on to j...

Alchemy in Keep This Quiet! III

Keep This Quiet! Initiations explores alchemy, through the focus on Jung and Pauli. The copyright of this Vintage engraving of Alembic distillation is

Excerpt from Keep This Quiet! III - Jung-Pauli

Excerpt from the Author's Note The third in the series, Keep This Quiet! Initiations continues my memoir. As well as being a memoir, this book is i

Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung: Initiations

Above, Pauli sits with Einstein. Now both men [Jung and Pauli] are dead. Physics has undergone great advances with its grand unified theories and its
Keep This Quiet 3

Keep This Quiet! III - Out Now

  Read about the new book below, or you can browse through the reviews on Amazon. Jung & Pauli . . . Courageously, competently Harrell gu

ID-ing Cover Figures - KTQ! III

I'm often asked who is on the cover of III. Starting left to right, that's Milton Klonsky, a New York Village poet/critic/wiseman, who appears in this...

Bell Sounding to Thoughts - and Hunter Thompson

The audible, nonphysical bell was a phenomenon that appeared in my apartment in Tienen, Belgium, just after the sudden death of my boyfriend, Willy Va...

Reviews for Keep This Quiet III

Bradley Weber on I-III

In Keep This Quiet! III, Margaret expands greatly on some of the things she only briefly discussed in the first two books. The connections between phy

Midwest Book Review on Keep This Quiet! III

This is the third and highly recommended title in Margaret Harrell’s outstanding Keep This Quiet! autobiographical series. A fascinating and very well

Jungian Analyst on Keep This Quiet! III

Jung & Pauli . . . Courageously, competently Harrell guided this reader through mazes of scientific exploration, all the while keeping her engagin

Joy Ayscue on the Series

The first time I met Margaret, she sat down beside me (or, was it the other way around?) in a meeting and immediately, I knew I wanted to get to know