Graduate Light Body Coursework

Advanced Light Body courses, of various types, are offered in the Raleigh, NC area. Margaret A. Harrell is a teacher registered with the official headquarters of the founders, Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, at the LuminEssence School of Light, Medford, Oregon. Besides studying in live classes with Duane and Sanaya, Margaret also studied the light body with seed-group member Roland Verschaeve, in Belgium and Ibiza, Spain – beginning in 1992, when the first light body course was taught in Europe, where she was living at the time.


Coursework Information

View adanced light body courses Margaret is eligible to teach(Link directly to orindaben site.)
NEW: Free Private “Preparatory Awakening Your Light Body” class – phone or email for details.
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Remember that in taking any course with me, you receive  discounted downloads at 20%off.

These are some of the courses you can take, which I teach:
Introduction to the Light Body – Awakening Your Light Body Radiance: Self-Exciting: Building Your Light Body – Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Celebrations of Radiance Series Clairvoyant Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle EnergyRadiance: Building Consciousness SeriesDaBen’s Light Body ConsciousnessOpening to Channeling / various Advanced Channeling courses – Creating Money: Attracting AbundanceNEW: Discovering the Luminous Body

I have also taught: Da Ben’s Exploring Connections & Manifesting from Light Body Consciousness

The structure is typically to meet once a month for 3 hours over a six-month period and in the meantime practice with CDs at home. In-person small-group classes are $50 for three hours. Private classes are $100 for 2 hours. Alternately, contact me about being supported over Skype. Once signing up, you begin to receive transmissions of light and awareness.

Radiance: Self-Exciting

“Radiance: Self-Exciting” is an advanced light body course best learned just after graduation from “Awakening Your Light Body.” In becoming “Self-Exciting,” we learn to live in a high state of flow, on the “upward spiral,” where synchronicities and harmony abound. The course takes 6 months, one class (3 hours) a month, plus a onetime course download or box of home-study CDs created by LuminEssence co-founders Duane Packer (channeling DaBen) and Sanaya Roman (channeling Orin). Discount: 20%.

It’s possible to go faster than once a month.

Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies

In this course we “fill in” the frequencies of vision, precision, intensity, clarity, harmony, brilliance, and transparency in your light body. This course is best learned during or after “Radiance: Self-Exciting.” As you become self-exciting, you activate the frequencies that help you “place” your radiance in places it will be received. You learn to add qualities like clarity to your projects and relationships. And manifest with much greater precision and harmony. CD Discount: 20%.

Clairvoyant Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energy

This course expands your skills as you learn to find things as energy and see from multiple perspectives, including clairvoyantly. Very exciting, intense high-frequency journeys with practical “vision” skills. The Orin skills bring enhanced ability to manifest through awareness of “star influences,” such as from the Pleiades and the Pole Star.


Peace: Living Your Life Purpose
Higher Will: Manifesting with Ease

In “Peace: Living Your Life Purpose,” Orin journeys you back into your childhood and up to your soul level, to discover “why you are on the Earth and your purpose in each moment.” In returning from journeys, it is very important to know what your purpose is. DaBen teaches you the “peace of purpose” light body state and the skills to “translate back” across the distance between the light body and ordinary reality.

In “Higher Will: Manifesting with Ease,” you continue to develop your radiance with DaBen tools for solidifying the subtle connections you have outside your light body and sensing the feedback. Awareness of these connections helps you manifest without struggle—with relaxation and ease. 


Expanding Your Consciousness
Continuity of Consciousness

This series takes your Self-Exciting skills into further expansion in the light body. You learn to perceive energy in much more depth and detail. In the “Continuity” CD box, you perceive the continuity of yourself—across this lifetime, through multiple lifetimes—and the continuity of scales and spectrums of energy that you are involved in. This sets a good foundation for Light Body Consciousness.


       Awakening Your Light Body Expanded

       Self-Exciting Expanded

       Filling in the Frequencies Expanded

These three courses take the earlier courses further, to explore the potential and expanded energies in them.


This is a series of 6 courses.

DABEN’s “Manifesting in Light Body Consciousness”

This is a two-part course in which we first focus on “Connections in Light Body Consciousness,” followed by manifesting tools.

“To become a master of manifesting, you will be guided to find the inner space from which all Divine Manifesting work is done–a center of illumination and stillness, in contact with the highest of worlds and your Source, and feeling the peace and stillness of Consciousness Itself.”

Know What to Manifest

“DaBen will guide you to receive clear ideas about forms to create that would match the Source energy you contact, getting as much detail as you can, bringing through many ideas about possible forms that might work. . . . There is an effortless flow of drawing in, creating, bringing to fruition, and then letting go without attachment of what you have created, opening to the next new forms.” In addition, a release of what is holding you back.

Please don’t hesitate to Email me on the Contact page for more information or to ask when you can start a class. I sometimes start a class just because someone expressed interest!




2 thoughts on “Graduate Light Body Coursework

  1. Sue Reeves says:

    I highly recommend Margaret Harrell as a light body teacher. With her vast experience and deep wisdom she has helped me enormously in gaining a greater understanding of how the energies work and what the practical applications are for my life.
    Her energy is boundless, she teaches with great joy and enthusiasm. If you want to move forward in your light body practices, Margaret will surely prove an able and trustworthy guide.

  2. Margaret says:

    Thank you, Sue Reeves! How wonderful to spend time with you! And I appreciate all the work you put in and this comment too. My gratitude.

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