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“Chatting with Betsy” has a delightful brand-new interview with me, “Journeying Through Life’s Synchronicities,” #ChattingwithBetsy.

The previous interview we did bounced all the way to a listener in Vienna, where it sparked the plan to found a Gonzofest Europe – whose first event then started percolating in Dublin, Ireland, tentatively for September 2024. But it was a tall lift to find a venue still available on that short notice. So we finally settled on New Orleans – Gonzofest 2025. We have a tremendous lineup of talent ready to jump in a plane. More on this event, to take place at the Garden District Book Shop to follow.

Betsy Wurzel, the “Chatting” podcaster, writes:

During our discussion, Margaret reveals the origins of Gonzofest and its diverse lineup of events. We reflect on the unpredictability of life’s twists and turns, sharing personal anecdotes of remarkable synchronicities. Additionally, Margaret delves into her latest revised edition book, BEYOND 3-D, KEEP THIS QUIET! III, discussing its inspiration and the transformative potential of her LuminEsscence Light Body Work Courses in facilitating spiritual growth and emotional healing.
Margaret also recommends THE HELL’s ANGELS LETTERS: Hunter S. Thompson, Margaret A. Harrell, and THE MAKING of AN AMERICAN CLASSIC, available on interview provides a captivating glimpse into Margaret A. Harrell’s diverse body of work and the eagerly anticipated International Gonzofest.
We urge you to explore Margaret’s website for further information and updates on this exciting event in Dublin, Ireland, as the confirmed date is yet to be announced
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This comes on the heels of another remarkable interview. That one with Hunter Gatherers podcast world-class interviewers: Christopher Tidmore and Curtis Robinson.

She was Hunter S. Thompson’s first book editor, helping craft the Hells Angels book. She was also a friend and, as readers of her book Keep This Quiet! know, “special friend.” Some even say she was a muse at the most critical time of his career… she certainly pulls no punches during a live interview from Louisville.

Being interviewed by people that gifted, you cannot help but come up with fascinating material. I am grateful that they pulling me aside at the July 2021 Gonzofest in Louisville for an impromptu interview. (Planned by them.)

Also, recently, before that, did my first Interviewed with Betsy Wurtzel

on Passionate World Talk Radio. It was a lot of fun and roamed over many of the topics I’m most interested in. Betsy wrote:

I highly recommend reading Keep THIS Quiet! Too about Margaret A. Harrell ‘s fascinating life!
Please listen to my interview with Margaret A. Harrell about this book and how these 3 men helped Margaret to be fearless!
And not to forget the illustrious panel–no exaggeration–recorded for Wonderland Book Club by Alice Osborn.
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Matt Hahn and Margaret Harrell, Gonzofest ’23