I was very lucky to be in a number of podcast interviews, art exhibits,  panels, YouTube events, beginning in 2014. Below are some of the 2016 - 2020 events and YouTube presentations:

MUSIC TRAILERS – the Keep This Quiet! series

Music Trailers for the Keep This Quiet! series.  These are short music pieces and drawings by Belgian poet Jan Mensaert, my onetime husband, that I particularly like and that set the tone of the Belgium/Morocco portions of the first two Keep This Quiet! volumes. The 1960s and '70s. They are happy and carefree (despite the sometime volatile tragedy  of his life) and in a tone of "the free, experimental poet and graphic artist".


I am particularly proud of the exhibits below in picturesque settings in "Old Europe," noted for their artistic heritage. Not only was I invited into these events, but they provided me with art reviews.  It is very rewarding to me to see my cloud images sharing space with successful artists of all nationalities. And in historical venues that line up with art of the past. 

Galileo Galilei Prize - Pisa - 2017

Exhibit January 22, 2017 This was awarded inside the  Congress Palace, Galileo Galilei Room,  in Pisa, Italy. Galileo was very interested in art

Italy - Art by Margaret Harrell

A section of the November/December 2017 issue of the magazine Art International Contemporary, published in Palermo, Italy, was called ‘’Il Genio dell’

The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016 - Vienna

The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016 a curated group exhibit - Steinberg  Palace - Vienna, Austria In Vienna I joined a small group of artis


Hunter S. Thompson's Son Juan and Margaret A. Harrell
Juan Thompson and me over dinner in the Brown Hotel during GonzoFest in Louisville, KY

In 2017 I have the honor to be on a Gonzo Fest literary panel on Hunter Thompson coming up in April. Here is a photo from 2016, where in an unforgettable evening, thanks to Jinn Bug and Ron Whitehead, I met and had dinner with Juan Thompson at the Brown Hotel:

In 2014, when I first went to Louisville and participated in the Gonzo Fest, Nick Storm (Storm Generation Films) made a video of the presentation, and there are a couple of clips from that hour-long event below. Contact me if you would like to purchase the full DVD at a minimal cost.

2014: GONZO FEST - EXCERPTS of Margaret's Presentation at Carmichael's Bookstore - hour-long video by Nick Storm, journalist and film maker


Below are one print interview and four podcasts, in which three wonderful interviewers discussed Jungian dream interpretation, the Keep This Quiet! series, Hunter Thompson, and meditation with me - using their different, highly honed skills to get at the topics. I really enjoyed their questions. If these topics interest you, please click to listen.

GONZO TODAY the Next Generation of Journalism and Culture

GONZO TODAY interview with Charlie Seller

"The Margaret Ann Harrell" Interview" - on various topics loosely focused around Keep This Quiet! IV and Hunter S. Thompson


Victoria (AYRIAL TalkTime) talks with author Margaret Harrell who shares her intimate experiences with Hunter S. Thompson, founder of “gonzo journalism,” along with highlights from her book, a memoir series; Keep This Quiet!

Victoria (AYRIAL TalkTime) talks with author and light body worker Margaret Harrell about dream interpretation, meditation and Keep This Quiet!: More Initiations, the fourth volume in her legacy memoir series.

Victoria (AYRIAL TalkTime) talks with author Margaret Harrell talks about the value of meditation and her relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, founder of “gonzo journalism,” along with highlights from her book, a memoir series; Keep This Quiet!

REAWAKENING YOUR BRILLIANCE with Julie Coraccio. A Skype interview on Julie's show, a bit long but I think I made some good points as I talk about my experiences and dreams while at the Jung Institute.

Recent Art Publications

Catalogs (full color)
International Award Galileo Galilei: The Scientist Who Wanted to be an Artist
Contemporaries in the City of the Uffizi

Magazines (Italian, in English)
January/February issue - Art International Contemporary (Italian publication, in English)

September - Best Modern and Contemporary Artists (launched in Berlin at the Französische Friedrichstadtkirche) 

November /December - Art International Contemporary inside the section "Il Genio dell’arte" (The Genius of Art)
November/December - Art International Contemporary

Fine Art Masters That Sell (click the link for a live podcast interview about my photography



Marquis Who's Who Industry Leaders - "Margaret Ann Harrell"

Florence, Italy, Art Award/Critique - November 2016

Below is memorabilia from the Florence, Italy, "Contemporaries in the City of the Uffizi" exhibit I was in, in November. It took place at the Ximen...

Hunter-Gatherers Podcast 2023 podcast interview

The Hunter-Gatherers podcasts tell stories by friends of Hunter Thompson, memories from across the spectrum, across time. Find mine here. Or look for

‘The Hell’s Angels Letters’ – the Gonzo Today review

In case you missed it, there's a Gonzo Today review of The Hell's Angels Letters Letters by Kyle K. Mann, Editor-in-Chief. It opens like this: This i

Gallery Representation

In 2016 I became represented by the Ward-Nasse Gallery New York City.
178 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012
Tues.- Sat. 11-6 and Sun. 1-6
(212) 925-6951



"Margaret A. Harrell Recognized by Marquis Who’s Who for Excellence in Writing & Photography" Legacy Biography

Recognized in 2018 with the Lifetime Achievement  Award

Exhibiting at the Oud Sint Jan's Museum of Bruges - 12/2018

Above: Pablo Picasso, The Friendship Bouquet, at the Oud St. Jan's Museum of Bruges, which just exhibited Rider on Horse - an experimental cloud/s...

LAUNCH Details - July 16-18 - The Hells Angels LIMITED EDITION - San Francisco and streaming

Canessa Gallery  - click to see the beautiful interior Limited Edition of 125 The Hell's Angels Letters: Hunter S. Thomson, Margaret Harrell and th


"AYRIAL Association of Body Mind and Spirit Consultants Inducts its 2nd VIP Power Woman of the Year Circle"

At Fall for the Books, George Mason U, October 11, 2018

  Juan Thompson (Stories I Tell Myself) and Tim Denevi (Freak Kingdom) with me (Keep This Quiet! memoir series) at George Mason University...

Legacy Writing - Carolina Book & Writer Conference - Feb. 13

Join Margaret with Alice Osborn and Larry Perkins at the Writing Your Legacy panel at the Fifth Annual Carolina Book & Writer Conference virtually

International Prize New York City

Faces in Sun Blast, a Film (not digital) photograph of a cloud scene, has been selected for the International Prize "New York City" October 21 - 24, 2