Cloud Giclee Art Prints and Prices

Cloud Photographs as Meditative Tools

It was Bernie Nelson who first detected - in a book review - that I use clouds as a meditative tool. Bernie has just passed away; I will miss his perceptive ability to tie together the clouds and my text on consciousness. But people have long, in fact probably since there were humans, been staring at the clouds and feeling their mood change, feeling themselves a part of nature; seeing faces, images, Some say that a great guru can project images into the clouds. Just look at the photos and see if this change of mood happens to you. I found that even alone in my bed, flipping through  a booklet of 4 x 6 photographs, I would suddenly find a meditative mood sink over me and images spring to life. After I'd just left a Taos Native American Easter ceremony near Santa Fe, the camera  seemed to catch forms made out of feathers. Other times it was animal faces. As we will also see below, artists sometimes speculated on where the forms came from, how they reached our minds. Or did they start there?
The images are part of a large portfolio that I collected while living in Belgium in the 1990s - photographing with film - about four rolls a day. Back in the U.S., I had them scanned and then in the case of negatives worked on the scans in Photoshop to bring out the original print colors. When a negative of the sky is scanned, there are no fixed colors. In fact, the colors might become gray. At first I tried to re-create in Photoshop the exact coloring of the 4 x 6 film printouts. That proved almost impossible. So I got fascinated with discovering what colors were hidden in the images. Since I experimented with sunlight; the images are in essence light, pieces of sunlight, prana or photons that were fascinating to play with. Even to enlarge the photographs on the computer, what I would see was dazzling pixels of blazing light.


Cloud Giclee Prints and Pricing

I am always happy to engage in a conversation with you about my many cloud images. The best way to is to drop me an email and I can let you know what is available. Many are limited editions.To see more of my images and their current prices, click here to go to  the Ward-Nasse Gallery in Soho, New York City.


Below are some sample photographs that you can buy


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The Metallic Paper, which makes the colors pop, looks good in small as well as large format.
Unframed: 11 x 17 – $99
Backed and ready to hang (unframed) – $139
Larger sizes are available please inquire.


Printed on Archival Fine Art Paper
Unframed: 20 x 30 – $300 / 24 x 16 – $250
You may choose from two types of paper:
100% cotton rag: weight 255 grams. Provides spectacular prints with deep color penetration.
Fuji Pearl Fine Art paper, printed by West Coast Imaging Exhibition Prints and Reprint Lab

Price includes print on choice of paper
and non glare museum glass:
20 x 30: $700
16 x 24: $500
Less expensive framing is also available,
but under archival museum glass these photographs look like paintings.
Please call or email for special offers.
Also, for commissions or to view the larger portfolio.

More Meditations on Cloud Images

Images in Clouds
Metallic Prints

Metallic prints are a new format I love. They provide an easy way to print colors that pop. I have experimented with printing them at a 11×14 and 14×18 for those who do not want 20×30 cotton rag prints. Location taken: The Joyful Jewel “First Sunday,” Pittsboro, NC, August 3. Auleen Heffron is looking at Rider on Horse (front) and a brand-new print, still untitled.


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