Video: Mireille Gratier and Margaret at Gallery Gora
Cloud Gathering – original – 2010

The weather was glorious in Montreal for the Gallery Gora exhibit of three of my cloud photographs. It was just under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Off I went at 4:30 to the Exhibit Opening. I was surprised that many artists from Europe made the long trip. From France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg. And then Canada and the US. Another lovely note: they were all gracious and friendly, glad to meet as our photography/paintings shared the space. Below, my camcorder cooperated, and I’ve  posted a videos.  All are welcome to drop in to the gallery.

Right here is a link on where you can see a French painter, Mireille Gratier, in the Gallery Gora with me, standing beside her paintings. Voice: mine. Mireille has beautiful paintings, as evidenced on  her website. It’s very easy to post on flickr with a preset uploader. This was my first time. First use of the camcorder as well, a Sony handycam. Anyway, lots of fun.

“L’art est une recherche de vérité idéale.” George Sand, writes Mireille.

Isabel Carafi, an Italian artist from the Montreal Gallery Gora exhibit, has sent me this video of her provocative paintings. I post it here.

Original medium of my three photographs: Silver Halide. Permanence: 100+ years. Certificate of Authenticity. 1. Cloud Gathering printed on 100% cotton rag by Artful Color. 2. Celestine Conq on Museo Silver Rag by West Coast Imaging. 3. Pink Light on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta by Fine Art Impressions.

Pink Light