Awakening Your Light Body

See the Contact Page to phone or email me about the possibility of a private FREE “Preparatory Awakening Your Light Body” class for an hour and a half.

“Awakening Your Light Body,” taught by Margaret A. Harrell – a 6-class (6-month) course – is the prerequisite for all other Duane Packer/DaBen courses and some of his courses he originally taught with Sanaya Roman/Orin. What happens in the course with Margaret: You awaken your 7 vibrational energy body centers that run along the spine and are very subtle (CD boxes 1 – 4). Then on the foundation of that harmony you awaken the first two light body centers (in box 5) and finally awaken the highest light body center in the course (in box 6). Now you are able to radiate this new harmony, know what you wish to manifest and manifest it with much more ease. You are also opening your channel and  acquiring the ability to attract a high-level guide or to become aware of the guides who are with you now. Alternately, you can be accessing your soul wisdom and the Universal Mind.

At every class DaBen and Orin, Sanaya and Duane, and I TRANSMIT energy to you individually. At the same time you are joining those who are helping shift the energy of the planet toward more beautiful opportunities.

The course is taught in  six modules:

  • Building Your Power Base
  • Opening Your Heart Center
  • Activating Your Higher Energy Centers
  • Aligning Your  Vibrational Energy Bodies
  • Awakening Your Light Body
  • Becoming Radiant

Email me through the Contact page for more information, including how to take the course long distance.

Why study with Margaret?

You will find few other teachers in the U.S. who are allowed to offer and have offered the range of light body courses I teach – the exceptions mainly in California. Why? I first learned in Belgium; there it was customary to keep going: after “Awakening Your Light Body” to continue. So I myself kept going from 1990 to the present.

Back in the U.S. beginning in 2002, I adopted my light body teacher’s approach. Luckily a number of people in the area wanted to keep going as well. So now in the US, teachers from 15 states are listed in the LuminEssence teachers list. But only in California do they continue on teaching as far as I have. The instant Orin and DaBen (Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer) release a new course to be taught – which first is anchored for a few years – I offer it.

Click here for the teacher listing on the site.

To sign up or enquire about a course or the free introductory class, email me through the Contact form.


Home Study: “Awakening Your Light Body. To awaken AND ANCHOR these energies, you will need – over a 6-month period – to purchase 6 LuminEssence downloads: $80 each (or the CD option: same price plus S & H). That’s a 20% discount I pass on to you. This is for home study: 6 months (1 box each month: 12 journeys in EVERY box).

Class:  in addition to the home study, there’s a class with me once a month for 6 months. Price per small-group class  (3 hours): $65 each.

Alternately, study with me in Private classes – 2 hours: $100. (If you have money issues,  let me know.)

Read more about “Awakening Your Light Body” on the LuminEssence website by clicking here. If you would like to meet and talk about the course and experience the energies beforehand, come join me for a FREE private “Prepatory Awakening Your Light Body” class – an hour and a half.

If you are at a distance, it’s still possible to study with me through Skype and other means.

I teach only a few in-person courses in AYLB a year. Classes can start anytime if there’s interest. As early as next week! A couple of testimonials are below:

 You are a great inspiration and mentor –  Thank you sooooo much.

– Rita Smallwood

“Awakening Your Light Body” has been true to its name. I took the course based on the firm suggestion of a trusted individual. Even after attending a promotional session about the course, I did not comprehend its potential and how this knowledge would benefit my life. I took the first step and said yes. My commitment extended over 6 months and a 3-hour drive. Initially I felt totally out-classed by the enrollees, who collectively had as many years’ experience in various meditative and healing arts that equaled my age. However, through perseverance I found that I had a “talent” for this and its positive influence on my life started emerging. The best part of the course was the hourly conversations with the instructor, Margaret Harrell, whom I chauffeured to and from the course. I was able to ask her questions and gain tremendous insights into myself and how to apply DaBen’s instructions in a way that worked for me. She is a Renaissance woman with unique insights and talents. Guiding me through this course is just one of the tools she has available to help individuals develop and overcome issues in their lives. Thank you Margaret!”

– Jeanne Moyer Email

Class location – My address:

In NW Raleigh – just off Glenwood Avenue/Duraleigh Road.


5 thoughts on “Awakening Your Light Body

  1. Sherri says:

    I would love to hear more about the classes you teach. Are you ever in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area? Are you familiar with any study groups in this area?

  2. margaret says:

    Thanks, Sherri, I’ve checked the DaBen-Orin teacher’s list for the U.S. And there are no teachers listed in Texas. It’s possible to make an arrangement to study long-distance if you’re really interested. I’d love to work this out with you. We’d have to discuss it on the phone. I’d be glad to call you if you’d e-mail me the number. Or phone me. This is such a wonderful course. You can do the home study on your own, and DaBen and Orin and Duane and Sanaya and I myself all send you transmissions, which means the energy to bolster your study. We would also do e-mail and phone consultations. And you’d be in the light body energy the whole time. But you would have to buy the LuminEssence CDs. If you bought them through me, then I’d give you my 30% teacher discount. Let me know. Much love.

  3. Gail says:

    Hi Margaret:

    Hoping this finds you well. My teacher, who is out of state, suggested I find a local teacher to study with the “Awakening the Light Body” courses. Could you please let me know when any upcoming group sessions are beginning or your availability for a private session?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. margaret says:

      What a delightful surprise. I’m glad you e-mailed me, Gail, and hope this works out. I’d love to have you here in Raleigh for classes. I really look forward to it.

  4. Lauri Carson says:

    Hi Margaret,
    I am interested in taking your classes. When do they begin?

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