This is just the way I like to start my day. From Michael Simmons about Keep This Quiet! Got this in the e-mail this morning:

Funny, intimate HST biography, that is also (as Terry Southern would say) quality lit.

I’m going to include Michael’s e-mail signature, as it’s highly interesting. Check out some of the links if you haven’t read his work. He contacted me for a review copy because of having read the little description Paul Krassner wrote about meeting me with Hunter, which will appear in High Times soon. Michael’s Bio:

As leader of the band Slewfoot, Michael Simmons was dubbed ‘The Father Of Country Punk’ by Creem magazine in the 1970s. He was an editor at the National Lampoon in the ’80s where he wrote the popular column ‘Drinking Tips And Other War Stories.’ He won an LA Press Club Award in the ’90s for investigative journalism and has written for MOJO, LA Weekly, Rolling Stone, Penthouse, High Times, LA Times, CounterPunch, and The Progressive.

My experience of him is that he’s a very nice, approachable, funny person.

MOJO Magazine/Contributor
High Times/Contributor




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