NEW Luminous Body and Self-Exciting Classes

In August I will be teaching “Building Your Luminous Body,” which is Part Two of “Evolving into Your Luminous Body.” Prerequisite: Awakening Your Light Body. If you have taken Part One, “Discovering the Luminous Body,” that is all the better. But some people will be able to join this class (online or in person) if they only have the prerequisite. Check with me if interested.

Duane writes:

In this course learn more about freeing yourself from limiting thoughts and beliefs.

As you build your luminous body you will have more ability to notice the details and energy of thoughts, also called “thought forms,” and to notice the higher order thought forms, such as those that contain divine ideas that will unfold as ever-increasing love, joy, peace, and positive circumstances. You will learn how to recognize and release thoughts and beliefs from society so that you can look out at the world and your circumstances with greater clarity, wisdom, and understanding. You will be able to experience life in the light of the “real” and to let go of the misconceptions and fogs of the unreal that cloud humanity’s thinking.

You will be able to let go of being influenced by lesser thought forms and beliefs held by much of humanity such as those that bring pain, suffering, lack, and limitation. You will be freer than ever of the confusion caused by the ever-present lesser thoughts that you live in and around. You will become aware in greater detail what thoughts and assumptions you take for granted, giving you the ability to shift them. You begin to let that be a way of being, building the luminous body so that it encompasses your entire presence and being on the earth plane, so that energy and clarity is always available to you at any level, including at a personality level.

As you build your luminous body it becomes easier to stay connected to a higher, clearer light and to have the thought forms that support you in staying connected to the higher energies. Through these experiences you can move into a deeper sense of peace, beyond the limitations of language and words to describe, that is a great reward in itself.

Plus much more. I can’t begin to describe how much shift it brings, how much ease of being in the world and bringing your Presence to it. Let me know if you are interested by emailing marharrell[at]

The Self-Exciting course is described at the bottom of the front page.