NEW Luminous Body and Self-Exciting Classes

I am currently teaching “Evolving into Your Luminous Body.” Prerequisite: Awakening Your Light Body. This is SIX courses, though you can take just one or two or three. I am also extremelhy honored to have joined the Seed Group of the DaBen & Orin work. Here are some things DaBen and Duane Packer say about the Luminous Body level of work, which is a spectacular leap in consciousness. Join this class (online or in person) if they only have the prerequisite. Check with me if interested.

Duane writes:

The Luminous Body is an expansion beyond the light body. Evolving into your Luminous Body brings about a major shift in consciousness. . . . 

. . . . DaBen and many very highly evolved luminous beings will assist you in discovering your luminous body. These beings have been assembling for the purpose of working with you to assist you in understanding, opening to, and sustaining the high states of luminous body consciousness you will explore.

As you experience the light of your luminous body you will be able to experience your thoughts in new ways so you can better know those that are showing you the truth and that bring you illumination, and to recognize and immediately let go of thoughts that bring you stress or show you a more personality, limited view of the world.

To have consciousness in the luminous realms you will learn how to play with light in new ways and to bring that awareness back with you, enabling you to add more light to your daily life. This light will translate into greater certainty of what actions to take, clarity about the situations you face, more uplifting thoughts, and new ways of relating to people around you.

You will develop a new sensory system that allows you to experience vast, exquisitely beautiful luminous realms and bring this luminous energy into your daily life.

In this course learn more about freeing yourself from limiting thoughts and beliefs.

. . . . As you build your luminous body it becomes easier to stay connected to a higher, clearer light and to have the thought forms that support you in staying connected to the higher energies. Through these experiences you can move into a deeper sense of peace, beyond the limitations of language and words to describe, that is a great reward in itself.

Plus much more. I can’t begin to describe how much shift it brings, how much ease of being in the world and bringing your Presence to it. Let me know if you are interested by emailing marharrell[at] So much becomes lighter and clearer when you enter this Level of Consciousness. I love these courses.

The Self-Exciting course is described at the bottom of the front page.