The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016  – Vienna

The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2016 a curated group exhibit – Steinberg  Palace – Vienna, Austria

In Vienna I joined a small group of artists – in a book. The first part of the book displayed works of very famous – prominent – modern artists. The second part had contemporary artists in which I was one. I really wish I could have flown in. Although I cannot at this point just hop in a plane and go in person, I am excited and the book – and the event attendance itself – surpassed my  expectations. That is, that inside these marvelous Old World buildings and rooms, in some small way I am there, my art is there. Who would have thought?

The photography below- Cloud Scenes – was in the art event that I participated in, in Europe in November in the Sternberg Palace (Vienna), office of the Italian Consulate ad of the Italian Culture Institute.

Cloud Scenes – Behind the Sun series

Invitation, Italian Cultural Institute, Vienna

Art Award - 2016 Vienna - Margaret Harrell
Art Award – 2016 Vienna – Margaret Harrell

P.S. The book arrived today and it is gorgeous.


Art Review - Harrell
Art Review – Harrell

The inclusion plaque (translated roughly from the Italian) mentions “the elevated stylistic composition of her work. We are honored to have her included.”

 – About Cloud Scenes, Salvatore Russo, curator and art critic, writes in the full-color catalog:

A sun appearing among the clouds; a blue sky that allows a glimpse of light; the darkness makes its appearance. In this work of Margaret Harrell we find all these elements. The artist has been able to seize the moment. A moment that brings with it diverse reflections.

Here is a link to the same book in 2015.

The Second Art Event I  participated in in Italy in November

It took place at the Palazzo Ximenes Panciatichi (Florence, Italy), built in 1498. There for a few few days Cloud Tapestry, film photography that aims to capture painting-like scenes, was just exhibited. Long ago in this palace hung works of Sandro Botticelli and Paolo Uccello, and Napoleon Bonaparte briefly lived in there in July 1796.

November 10 – 13, Cloud Tapestry entered this wonderful procession for a moment.

It joined works by 11 Italian painters and photographers (one image each) and by 12 or so non-Italian painters, sculptors, photographers. One reason I was so pleased is that I didn’t have to elaborately mail (through customs) the artwork. The display was projected onto a large screen. That’s a fun thing that I did not get to see in person! I would love to say, “Florence, here I come.” For more on this event inside this site, click here.