May 8 – Book Launch of Keep This Quiet! IV

May 8, at my townhouse there will be a celebration of the publication of Keep This Quiet! IV: More Initiations, with a prize of two free-book giveaways. If you would like to come, just let me know by clicking on the contact button to the right or click here for the address.

Alice Osborn (Heroes without Capes) writes:

A book of wonder – spirit, ghosts, hope, mysticism, mystery. If you ever had instincts, premonitions, or felt you are out of place or feel you know things – that there is a whole world beyond, there’s more magic in this world than there’s supposed to be – I feel this book is for you. Especially if you’re in the last one third of your life and think, “I want to unlock the mysteries, I want some answers, I’m not done.”


I’ve always found Margaret Harrell’s writing wonderfully relaxing and well thought out. Keep This Quiet! IV is no different. I can just pick it up and slot myself in comfortably. With each book I find myself getting entwined in the words . . . The life . . . The emotion. The education. The peace. Her work allows me to breathe and feel.

– MARTIN FLYNN, owner of

Margaret Harrell’s blending and merging the whole of a human being and beyond into the cosmos is astounding writing and what a lifetime Journey she has taken to arrive to this book. She is working with a whole new and different combined East-West and Middle Paradigm.

– SUZANNE V. BROWN, former VP, Exceptional Human Experience Network

Keep This Quiet! IV: More Initiations is psycho-active. When I was reading about Margaret’s Buddha belly, my own Buddha belly swelled up. And when I was reading about kriyas, I experienced lip trembling. The author’s love and spirit are so injected into the book that I think it’s going to wake people up.

—Joy Ayscue, founder of Wake for Consciousness: Sacred Realms