Florence, Italy, Art Award/Critique  – November 2016

Below is memorabilia from the Florence, Italy, “Contemporaries in the City of the Uffizi” exhibit I was in, in November.

It took place at the Ximenes-Panciatichi Palace, built in the 1400s.

Ximenes-Panciatichi Palace

About the palace: It was recently restored: “The central ballroom (176,000 sq ft x 330 ft height) and all the adjacent rooms were returned to their original splendor with stucco work, decorations and colors of the 18th century. The structure was improved and made more precious by tapestries with coat of arms, old paintings, ancient busts, valuable pieces of furniture and authentic 18th century chandeliers and wall lamps.”

Photo-Painting: Ibeginning cloud photography in the 1990s, I hoped to create “Photo Painting”; that is, my film images looked to me like paintings in the sky, bringing to life dreams from ten years earlier, of animated cloud scenes. What do you think? Does the image look like a painting?

Sandro Serradifalco, Italian art critic and editor of Effeto Arte – writes about Cloud Tapestry, in the fullcolor exhibit catalog Contemporaries in the City of the Uffizi:

The intensity of beauty is expressed through a rare use of perspective. When we talk about landscapes, we imagine them in an ordinary way, structured with order that follows the rules of reality. Here, instead, we have a totally new perspective that is mind blowing to  the spectator, offering a new point of view from which to observe what surrounds us, [teaching us] to find the real inner beauty of things. A technically talented artist . . . reproducing an intense inner moment of solitude, alone with the sky and the clouds.

The inclusion plaque (translated roughly from the Italian) mentions “the elevated stylistic composition of her work. . . . A big thank you for this artistic contribution.” I say a big thank you back! I always loved Italy, loved Florence the two times I was there, and now love it even more. I never expected to have a photograph actually exhibited in one of its ancient buildings.