At Fall for the Books, George Mason U, October 11, 2018
Juan Thompson, Margaret Harrell, Tim Denevi


Juan Thompson (Stories I Tell Myself) and Tim Denevi (Freak Kingdom) with me (Keep This Quiet! memoir series) at George Mason University for the “Fall for the Books” fest October 11. With us via Skype was Bill McKeen (Outlaw Journalist). For an hour and a half, we gave views on “Writing about Hunter S. Thompson.” What a memorable blast – on-stage” and off. We had such fun hanging together and also sharing time, talking about our very different writing experiences – Juan being Hunter’s son (focused on his childhood memories of his father and beyond), Tim writing a researched political book (showing Hunter’s great relevance today), Bill on his memories of Hunter in person plus in-depth research; also, inside information on down-to-the-wire surprises as his book was about to come out.

And myself talking on the challenges of getting out my side of the story. A totally amazing time. Amazing that we all get along so wonderfully. I felt among real friends. In fact, it was easy to get used to spending a lot of the day with these two  – and their high attention, high energy roving conversation and also sensitivity. I’m already missing our conversations. And Bill McKeen spoke in a very immediate, very personal way, as if he were in the room.