Keep This Quiet! III – Out Now


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Jung & Pauli . . . Courageously, competently Harrell guided this reader through mazes of scientific exploration, all the while keeping her engaging ‘anima’ voice as lure to read on.

—Puanani Harvey, Advanced Studies Coordinator, New Mexico Society of Jungian Analysts

Margaret has done an amazing job witnessing for us all the deep path of walking with the Self. She has presented this information, while weaving the amazing discovery of the multi-layers of psychology and the depth the journey revealed.

—Jyoti, Spiritual Director, Center for Sacred Studies

The information on the universal nature of each soul offers a good potential to remove some of the barriers or veils between otherwise divergent ways of thinking and believing. I’m glad Margaret is “putting this out there.”

—Al Miner, author (with Lama Sing) of “Seed Thoughts” and other books of esoteric philosophy and metaphysics

I could feel a welling form in my chest . . . An emotional surge was building, I was sure of it. I had no intention of heading it off. I was into this book for the duration.

—Martin Flynn, owner of

Margaret Harrell’s ‘Keep This Quiet!’ III best demonstrates a journey of self and personal transformation through Jungian study for an already self-aware seeker. As a practicing Reiki master, I received a great deal of insight from Harrell’s spiritual study, as well as her ability to connect patterns and puns (Watergate/Flood Gate) with both humor and reverence.

—Alice Osborn, author of After the Steaming Stops


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