Joy Ayscue on the Series

The first time I met Margaret, she sat down beside me (or, was it the other way around?) in a meeting and immediately, I knew I wanted to get to know her. She had a certain presence…a “shining”…that was magnetic. The Universe must have been in agreement with my intuition, because over the years I was blessed to become her student and benefited greatly from her wise and loving teachings, but still, there was a certain mystery about her that was never revealed, for she vary rarely talks about herself or her life.

Now I know she was saving it all for this brilliant series of autobiographical revelations that comprise the “Keep This Quiet” series. My advice…read them all, beginning with the first and when you are done, await with bated breath the 4th (and, honestly, I hope not last!) installation of her mind and heart expanding sharings.

Joy Haynie Ayscue, Founder of Wake for Consciousness: Sacred Realms


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