More Gonzo Fest 2019 Photos – at the Frazier
Inside the Kitchen



In Hunter’s Kitchen, Frazier Museum







As my plane was hours late, I missed the Frazier Museum tour the first time round. The next day Rory Feehan returned there with me. With an Irish flare he devoured every detail of the exhibit, as did I. Two of these photos were taken by him. I particularly like the one of us together. As I’d sat in the kitchen right beside that stool many years before, I was glad it was so well reconstructed. A wonderful experience, like the rest of the Frazier exhibit.

Actually, I should say Dr. Rory Feehan, as he was appearing at the GF as an invited VIP speaker, fresh off getting his PhD with a dissertation on the Hunter Thompson, specifically “the Hunter figure,” in Ireland, which made him an even better person to tour the exhibit with. That dissertation is a much-anticipated book we hope to see coming out in 2020. Not sure where the picture of Rory and me was taken, perhaps at the home of a wealthy Louisvillite who invited all of us to a lovely dinner. If so, my hair survived a lively ride there in Ron Whitehead’s jeep.