Review of KTQ! IV – Will change your mind . . . perhaps your entire life!

The short version:  READ IT!

The medium length version: 

Warning!  Reading Margaret Harrell’s Keep This Quiet! IV may literally CHANGE YOUR MIND . . . and, perhaps your entire life!

The reasons for stating this are multiple, but first and foremost, this book is psychoactive.  Truth is illuminating and what this book does is simply light up the same Truth that is in you . . . that is in all of us.  It is said “The Truth shall set you free.”

Well, this is it.

The long version:

When you get down to it, each one of us can only know our own experience of life, our story, which is of course, lived through whatever filters we (or others) have “installed” upon our perceptual vision.  It is rare that an individual comes along who has, through conscious intent, removed most or even all of the distorting veils from their spiritual eyesight that they are able to tell/share their story without any false filters at all—or, to put it another way—truthfully—which can only be done utilizing the only filter which reveals truth . . . and that is LOVE (which is actually no filter at all.) It is rarer still to find someone that understands the power of LOVE enough that they are willing to totally surrender themselves and make themselves completely vulnerable in an effort to share their story as authentically…truthfully . . . as they can, for they have come to know that although the details may and do infinitely vary, our stories are actually one and the same.

When these individuals courageously sacrifice their egoic needs to both hide and shine . . . and bravely bare/share themselves in all of their naked glory, they show us that underneath all of the surface differences, we are not only similar, we are the same.  We are One.

In Keep This Quiet! IV, Ms. Harrell has done just this.  And, not only this, but she has somehow managed to explain how and why this is so.  It’s like this:  We are all given the same, infinite pieces of the puzzle that when completed, shows the whole picture . . . All That Is.  Here’s the problem: Most of us suffer from an inability to (1) see more than a few pieces at a time and (2) recognize the patterns which point to the interconnectivity of the pieces, revealing the whole, accurate picture.

A puzzle master, Margaret walks us step by step through the process of her journey to that mastery . . . that wholeness of vision . . . so that we, if devoted enough, can also do the same.

Margaret has injected so much LOVE into this work that, if you are open enough, it might just wake you up to your greater . . . even greatest potential.  LOVE IS TRUTH, and the TRUTH is that YOU ARE . . . WE ALL ARE . . . LOVE.  KTQ! IV illuminates this truth beautifully and once a truth is illuminated, it is always illuminated/made Light and it simply will not be ignored!

So, proceed with the knowledge that you may be forever changed and blessed by this book.  And, even if you’re not “into” the mind and heart expanding properties of the work,  you are bound to enjoy this latest installment of Margaret’s fascinating, rich life!  My curiosity is satiated (temporarily, for I am sure she will be writing again!) and my love and respect for this amazing woman has only increased with her latest offering.

Joy Ayscue
Wake for Consciousness: Sacred Realms,  Founder
The Conscious Healing Initiative: Co-founder