On How I Came to Write the Revised Edition of KTQ! IV: Ancient Secrets Revealed

To keep my inspiration and sense of connection to Source, I am most drawn to knowledge from something larger than my current state; inspiration from my awareness, which speaks in spurts, whispers unknowns, speculates in large, outrageous ways as it gives me insights, brings potential to my attention. Surfaces.

Fortunately, I discovered there was more of myself. After exhaustively covering much of my life, I had not peered closely enough into the 1990s, that grand period when my life was pretty haywire by normal standards. Was one book enough to cover it? My garage said no. It revealed forgotten mysteries, thoughts, convictions. I geared up to go in hot pursuit. Here is a glimpse of the new edition of Keep This Quiet! IV: Ancient Secrets Revealed that is just about to come out!

Author’s Note to the 2018 Edition 

I am peering into the past in this edition, at times trying to decipher—from newly retrieved materials in my garage—who I was back then; who this person writing in my name was, this person that I absorbed into me and spoke for, when—uncovering these writings “she” made for herself—I find I didn’t exactly remember “her.” I “remembered” who I am now, and how I thought I got there. Ah. It’s not the case at all. Often, when she speaks for herself, resurrected from the past, I find a different voice. And, I ask myself, if I can’t even remember myself properly, interpret myself in the “past” properly, how on Earth can I speak for someone else? How can any of us? Thus, it is really true, from what I’ve learned in revising Keep This Quiet! IV, that everything is subjective. Even, my internal records of me are subjective, my memory is, with only these newly discovered documents, these confessions and accounts, guiding me into the “past” this time—steering as into an old mine but with a real miner’s light.

The boxes piled up. Some from 2001, when I packed up, left Belgium, and prophetically came to North Carolina, to live. But I never opened them. They went through two moves and one day as they sat in the garage in their original boxes, guarding their secrets, someone warned me they could attract termites. Cardboard could. That did it. Slowly I would move them into other containers. Hopefully throwing out a lot. But that’s not exactly what happened. In writing Keep This Quiet!, volumes one and two, I had the foolproof chronology of Hunter’s letters. But what about Keep This Quiet! IV. Not at all. But I had something else. Letters from me to me. I hadn’t known I was writing them to me, to my future self or my “inner masculine” (animus) energy. To my shadow, whoever. From my shadow even.

So what did I leave, as in a bottle, for my “future self,” me, right now? It fills in a lot of details. For in an Awakening, a lot that we’re  not ready for we discard, interpret wrongly. Now my mature self is ready—for what I recorded fresh off the inner waves: an unexplored, documented history I would never have reconstructed exactly this way. In fact, I didn’t. These writings, some twenty-five years old, inform the previously published edition, shedding new light on spots I dimly recalled; also, time has finally caught up to what was ahead of the times (such as when I, with spirit guides, predicted—in the future—“out of control events,” in particular, grave dangers from misunderstood, highly energized, on-the-move archetypes, such as “Home”).

Inserting them into the earlier account, I listen as with a conch shell to those waves of information my greater self brought, planted,  sometimes prophesizing—that would all have been lost had I not beckoned myself back with interest. This includes what appears to be almost fairytale narrations, of multidimensional meanings. And in this way, looking at these records, I synched my life’s advance notices with now, listening to this very bold, out-of-the-box thinking “past self,” who, indeed, was quite different than what I thought, as you will find out. As she made her records before nontime became Time and unity consciousness and my multidimensional self expressed itself further (as we all do) in real-time variations of some of these and other insights all over the globe NOW.



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