New Review of Keep This Quiet! IV

This new review means a lot to me. I sent a copy of Keep This Quiet! IV: More Initiations to Jan Handel, who “has served as the administrator of Dhyanyoga Centers-Antioch since 2010 and as the Introduction to Meditation instructor since 2011. She has studied yoga and meditation with Shri Anandi Ma in the U.S. and in India since 1983 and has taught meditation to both staff and patients in mental health facilities and hospitals.” I have never met her, but she was instrumental in getting me the image of Dhyanyogi-ji that’s part of the cover of KTQ! IV. Naturally, I wondered what she would think, as the book is a memoir. That was several months back. Then, unexpectedly, yesterday, this came by email:

I finally got a chance to read through all of the sections you so kindly provided about Guruji [Dhyanyogi-ji] and Anandi Ma and I am blown away!  Thank you SO MUCH for writing all of these wonderful stories! You are such a gifted writer!  My hope and dream is to finally take a little time off in late November so I can curl up on my couch with your book and a cup of tea and immerse myself in it from start to finish.