Hunter-Gatherers Podcast

The Hunter-Gatherers podcasts tell stories by friends of Hunter Thompson, memories from across the spectrum, across time. Find mine here. Or look for these podcasts on Spotify and other places where you go for your favorite podcasts. Even I, who have followed the books on Hunter, was surprised by a lot of the contributors. They tell their stories in a relaxed well, with superb interviewing. Just fun to listen to. Check them out.
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Hunter Thompson and Playboy – Rejections

Marty Flynn has, as usual, outdone himself with a story about Hunter Thompson's Playboy writings and interviews. Click here to go there. However, I wanted to add a different facet: his rejections. You can read about some of them in Keep This Quiet! and Keep THIS Quiet Too! For instance, the hilarious experience with the Alpine skier turned advertiser Jean-Claude Killy and the observations Hunter drew in the rejected Killy article. But his Playboy rejections started as early on as Hell's Angels. ...
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Music Trailer – Honky Tonk – Keep THIS Quiet Too!

After Mondrian - in color - Jan Mensaert
This link will take you to YouTube for the music trailer to Keep THIS Quiet Too! - composed by Jan Mensaert for the piano. After great insistence, in the early 1970s, he made me a music reel with this and other music - playing it himself. I no longer remember whether he recorded it in his home in Belgium or his adopted home in Morocco, where he lived many years. And during part of that time even had a piano that had been hoisted into his apartment in Larache. I was extremely impressed by all th...
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Keep This Quiet! Vol. 2 – Jan Mensaert

Jan Mensaert entered the Keep This Quiet! series in vol. I. I first met him in Casablanca, Morocco, on a trip. And immediately traveled by bus back with him to Larache, where he was teaching French. A Belgian from Flemish Brabant, he spoke French fluently. Likewise English. Four years passed, and we did not meet.  But in those few intense days in Morocco, I was knocked overboard by my impression of him as a true artist. It wasn't even a romance at the time. And what might have been two ships pas...
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A brand-new version of KTQ Too! is now on sale on Kindle, with all the photos enlarged in higher pixels. They all now open LARGE. This was especially important, as a lot  of Jan Mensaert's line drawings are in it (like the one below). Also, some decorated Hunter Thompson letters - in color. Hunter like to add little illustrations to his signatures. Take a look at the Kindle Sample. In Morocco, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States, Margaret pits wits with - and learns from - Gonzo cr...
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An Interview with HST Books about the Keep this Quiet! Book Series

I am very honored to see the beautiful display Martin Flynn created and the kind words of introduction. The Q&A adds insights that his questions brought out. He is a marvelous interviewer and every Hunter Thompson fan should know his site. I also like what he does with visuals. Always a splashy page. Much for the eye. A Margaret Harrell Q&A Margaret Harrell, in my opinion is a rarity in any world, let alone the HST world. Two of her 9 or 10 books include significant fodder for ...
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Coming to Terms with Milton Klonsky

Read newly compiled, still vibrant Milton Klonsky essays in Commentary in the 1950s and 60s here. Only in this new web-inspired world would this be possible, but he's there, with never-before-seen writings; that is, never seen except in the original Commentary issues. Also, for a reservoir of his wisdom and dry wit - sayings to ponder through the ages - click to read Keep THIS Quiet TOO! More Adventures with Hunter Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert, where his sharp mind is on view. Choose p...
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Keep THIS Quiet Too! My Thoughts. (Finally.) Marty Flynn is in with a review and it’s very very gratifying that he sums the book up under “risktaking”: In this book Margaret goes an extra few steps to open her heart and lay bare. Having read the first volume the line was baited. Her words were jangling on the hook. I couldn’t help but bite and from the first few pages she reeled me in. Before long I’m immersed in her world. It looked to me like a world filled with constant risk. ...
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