“Using Dreams to Clear Clutter” – Interview with Margaret

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I have just watched Using Dreams to Clear Clutter”  – under Julie Coraccio’s “Liked Podcasts”  – and I really enjoyed it. Julie is a marvelous interviewer. And that ability shines through. Also, I loaded the answers with examples, as dreams are storytelling vehicles. Please do watch it. I guarantee you’ll find some interesting tips on dreaming.

Julie Coraccio introduces her popular podcast like this:

Declutter Your Life

We all have gifts and talents, but clutter, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic keeps you stuck. Julie Coraccio supports you in Reawakening Your Brilliance through clearing the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

On Tuesday,  September 13, her taped interview with me on Dreams and Decluttering – in particular, the Jungian interpretation of dreams – first aired. The exact title is “Using Dreams to Clear Clutter.” I initially only heard it – but didn’t see – it, as my iTunes program wasn’t cooperating. Julie did a fantastic job! Examples I gave include how – through dreams – a man was able to avoid marrying someone he unconsciously knew was wrong for him, how – in a dream – I got the message not to continue analysis at the Jung Institute, what it means when you dream that someone in driving you in a car. That is, usually, for all dreams are unique to you and can reflect your own batch of symbols. Also covered in the interview are tips on manifesting as well as how to build a relationship with “the unconscious.” And how this is a key to creativity.

Carl Jung
Carl Jung

The podcast can be viewed here on iTunes – under “Liked podcasts.” Or viewed here on YouTube (September 17). If you enjoy it, it would be lovely if you leave a comment; comments increase her already substantial rating. She has excellent podcasts in her archives. You can spend some enjoyable hours or half hours. For instance, with her interview with “the Fly Lady.”

And if you need expert advice on using Google Hangouts on Air for your podcasts, she can help you here.

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