Hunter Thompson and Paul Krassner

Hunter in NYC in the Sixties

I met Hunter in NYC in 1967 and Paul Krassner, through Hunter, at the same time. We had dinner together and the two of them discussed a story for "The Realist," a very popular underground publication that Paul founded and edited. It was a crackling dinner, witty and fast-moving. The articles below have to do, mostly, with that time period, being mementoes or later write-ups. "Keep This Quiet!" tells the story of those days. A few of the articles below take the story into the present-day.

Paul Krassner's Second Letter

Diving into my garage boxes, I found a follow-up note from Paul Krassner that confirms what I remembered: he explains that in my absence (I was in Las...

Meeting Paul Krassner

Paul Krassner, one of Hunter's friends, was then and is now an underground satirist. He founded The Realist and I happened to meet him in New  York Ci

Paul Krassner and Charlie Hebdo

The iconic photo above is copyrighted by Summer of Love photographer Gene Anthony and for sale as a print for $200 at Wolfgang's Vault here. Cultur

"Ancient" Photo - NYC

--Digging way back into the past: The above photo is from the time I met Hunter S. Thompson.  Hunter gave me the Keep This Quiet! cover photo of hi

Rory Feehan on Keep This Quiet!

“This is my life, I’m satisfied. So watch it, babe. Don’t try to keep me tied.” ---And I Like It –Jefferson Airplane song In the ever expanding...
Margaret Harrell receives letter from Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter Thompson Letter

1966 Christmas is the period when Hunter typically blazed into New York City in the late 60s, though when I met him first in person it was February...

Travis Irvine Tribute to Hunter

Huff Post's Tribute ten years later. - by Travis Irvine - begins: In February 2005, I was an intern at the NBC News Bureau in London. My job was to w