Travis Irvine Tribute to Hunter

Huff Post’s Tribute ten years later. – by Travis Irvine – begins:

In February 2005, I was an intern at the NBC News Bureau in London. My job was to watch news wire footage come in from Europe, then describe the images into the bureau’s daily log. There’d be pictures of bombings in the Middle East and plenty of footage from outside Pope John Paul’s hospital. Then on one particularly cold day, images came in over the wire of Hunter S. Thompson. It was stock footage of the media following him down a sidewalk while he chomped his trademark cigarette holder. Then he paused, took off his jacket, did a somersault, picked up his jacket again and kept walking. I had to check the footage report to see why the images of Thompson were coming in and there it was: Hunter S. Thompson was dead in Colorado due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 67.

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Huff Post Photo by Neale Haynes/Getty Images