Meeting Hunter Thompson at Random House, YouTube

Here’s a new post by HST Books on the tenth anniversary of Hunter Thompson’s death. Hard to think it’s been so long. Even harder to think how permanent it is.

Martin writes:

Over the years since Hunter S. Thompson disconnected himself from this reality I have had the misfortune of stumbling upon a new breed of fan. This would be the fan who admires his actions of February 20 and his method.

These days there are three main types of fan. The first would be the lover of his work. The second is the lover of the craziness and the work. The third is the lover of the fact Hunter decided to end his life and the method he used. I shudder to think that this man be remembered and cheered for reasons of self-slaughter, albeit by a minority.

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Meanwhile, Marco Romandini has completed a Wired Italy commemoration of the anniversary that is double the length the editors asked for. When they refused to extend the space for the article, he sent it to them full length anyway. And they loved it and gave the article the double space. It should be out soon. BUT it’s in  Italian and, I believe, is a print (plus tablet access) version. Maybe it will work its way online and get translated.

With articles by prestigious Italian and foreign writers interspersed with excellent graphics that have bagged several international Art Direction awards, Wired is amongst the few publications able to liaise with cosmopolitan trend-setters and geek-seeking youth, whilst retaining its position as the cynosure of all eyes.

And here’s my contribution: a short video clip filmed by Nick Storm, founder of Storm Generation Films – from last year’s Gonzo Fest Louisville. I call it “Meeting Hunter in Person.”

The entire DVD of the Gonzo Fest will be released coming right up:

GonzoFest Louisville 2015, our 5th Anniversary Celebration, will take place Saturday, April 11 downtown on the Ohio River Waterfront Harbor Lawn. There will also be pre-festival music, spoken word, and the world premiere of the 90 minute GonzoFest 2014 documentary, produced by Storm Generation Films, Friday evening, April 10th, at The Monkey Wrench, GonzoFest Louisville Headquarters.