Keep This Quiet! IV More Initiations opens with the death of Willy Van Luyten, at almost thirty five years old: the author's housemate, boyfriend. That death is preceded by uncanny subtle warnings and followed by parapsychological phenomena. One result is that an audible bell comes to stay in the apartment for a couple of years - a bell heard by many people. It seems to accompany thoughts. This is just a hint as to the fascinating plunge into inexplicable experiences told with scrutiny and healthy doses of open-mindedness along with common sense. Not too long after the death, Harrell checks in with her support group, which includes Hunter Thompson, and winds up five months later at his home in Owl Farm. They have not seen each other physically for 21 years. Will she return to her Flemish base? Will the bell still be there. Yes. Initiations welcome her back, drawing her further on her path. They include subtle encounters with Hindu guru Dhyanyogi-ji, whose Kundalini Maha Yoga she is initiated into. But also tests with random number generators and two chapters on quantum mechanics as it relates to consciousness. Many traditions join hands, to make this experiential memoir “a book of wonder—Spirit, ghosts, hope, mysticism, mystery,” writes Alice Osborn, author of Heroes without Capes. 


Keep This Quiet! IV

What would happen when my new propensity toward spirituality met the man who would say, regarding his legacy, that he'd like to be known as the "voic...

The "Bell"

"'The bell' arrived the first week after Willy's death . . . When we were talking about him, suddenly we heard an electronic beep." Here is a short...

Indian Saint Dhyanyogi-ji in Keep This Quiet! IV

Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas-ji was a Hindu master spiritual teacher - to be exact, a Kundalini Maha Yoga sat guru who "left the body" in India on the morn...

Norman S. Don & Psychic Olof Jonsson

Norman S. Don, a neuroscientist and parapsychologist, is in Keep This Quiet! IV. The video above, which he gave me to post, shows psychic Olof Jon...

"Computer PK" Images

During the 1990s, the last ten years I lived in Belgium, I had the good fortune of making the unusual printouts I called computer PK." There are a cou...

Love in Transition Books

The Love in Transition series took thirty years to first see the light of publication. It finally began being published in Romania, while I lived in B

The KTQ! IV Cave in Romania

The image is of a cave in Romania (near Fagaras) - featured in IV. It has long been considered rather mysterious and sacred. My relationship to it is ...

EXCERPT: Willy Vanluyten - Keep This Quiet! III & IV

Willy Vanluyten, my fifteen-years-younger boyfriend from 1987 to 1991, died suddenly in 1991, at just under 35 years old. Everything around the death ...

Effect of Sunlight in Photography

Cloud Optics I began photographing clouds in 1995, accidentally, in preparing to speak at the J. B. Rhine memorial inside the annual international Pa

Sibiu, Romania, Photos - Home of Saeculum Univ. Press

Saeculum University Press published the Keep This Quiet! books and many of my Love in Transition books before that. These photos are from Sibiu, Roman

Space Encounters Quotes

The Space Encounters series (three books, published by Saeculum University Press in the early 200s, printed in Romania) displays the experimental "com

Reviews for Keep this Quiet IV

"Flavors of the world, the universe and beyond"

Margaret Harrell’s blending and merging the whole of a human being and beyond into the cosmos is astounding writing and what a lifetime Journey she ...

"A book of wonder" - Alice Osborn review

A book of wonder—spirit, ghosts, hope, mysticism, mystery. If you ever had instincts, premonitions, or felt you are out of place or feel you know thin

Joy Ayscue: Psycho-active Effect

Keep This Quiet! IV is psycho-active. When I was reading about Margaret’s Buddha belly, my own Buddha belly swelled up. And when I was reading about k

Jyoti's Review

It’s very timely for me, as I’m about to go through the eye of the needle again. I got excited and intrigued because this is going to be helpful. It j

Review by Martin Flynn

I’ve always found Margaret’s writing wonderfully relaxing and well thought out. This is no different. I can just pick it up and slot myself in comfort...

Review of KTQ! IV - Will change your mind . . . perhaps your entire life!

The short version:  READ IT! The medium length version:  Warning!  Reading Margaret Harrell’s Keep This Quiet! IV may literally CHANGE YOUR MIND .

My Subtle Energy Bell Sounding to Thoughts

The audible, nonphysical bell was a phenomenon that appeared in my apartment in Tienen, Belgium, just after the sudden death of my boyfriend, Willy Va...

Midwest Book Review - Keep This Quiet! IV

Midwest Book Review, that stalwart supporter of independent presses for years, has reviewed all four books of the Keep This Quiet! series - very posit