One Tribe Fest Speaker – Margaret Harrell

Margaret A Harrell, 2016300  4:15-5:10 SUNDAY, May 7th – Author Margaret A. Harrell-“Learn about the Light Body with Spiritual Teacher”: Come, relax, experience transmissions, and learn about the light body—how to awaken and safely anchor it, adding joy and delight to your life, ease of manifestation, growth of synchronicities, and an at-homeness with expanded states of consciousness. This work is based on the Orin and DaBen work channeled by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, which Margaret has studied continually since 1992 and taught since her return to live in the US in 2002. We will also do a short guided meditation. And the first 15 or so people who want to can receive a free CD journey.

One Tribe Fest has quickly become one of the most popular mind/body/spirit festivals around. Read  more here.