Keep This Quiet! goes to Village Lights Bookstore

Village Lights Bookstore in Indiana, the official bookstore of the Gonzo Fest this year, is the perfect place for Keep This Quiet! books. And the co-owner has requested that I send copies. This led to a startling discovery. Not only do the owners have a ballet background but they also have a modern dance (Martha Graham) background in these days when most people who teach (or mention) modern call it “contemporary,” and it’s mixed with jazz. So I was amazed to see that after receiving this note in my Facebook mail requesting copies of Keep This Quiet! to sell during the Gonzo Fest, the owners have a ballet/modern background. And lots of education, travel, fondness for poetry, etc., – such an interesting background, including performing and living in places like New York and Germany.

Every time I go to Louisville – I’ve been twice so far – I have unexpected, memorable encounters. This year, I will be on a literary panel in the library via Skype. But to add to the spice, now Keep This Quiet! and Keep THIS Quiet Too! will be on location in the room, hanging out in my place. More soon.