Beautiful in its directness and its openness

Chris Van de Velde, Numenon Counseling Institute Director, Ghent, Belgium

Readers will be privy to never-before-published letters from Hunter Thompson, deepening insight into the turning point in his career and emergence into gonzo.

—Bernie Nelson, The MindQuest Review

Margaret Harrell from early on had as her goal to live the most meaningful life possible. Three mentor/lovers helped in turn to light her way: Hunter Thompson for his ability to see the world for himself through as few distorting cultural lens as possible; Milton Klonsky for his deep wisdom and nurturing of the intelligence and sensitivity he saw within her; and the man she married, the Belgium poet Jan Mensaert, who sought out extreme experiences, encouraging her to come along and test her own limits.

—Virginia Parrott Williams, coauthor of Anger Kills and In Control, President, Williams LifeSkills

Fascinating and riveting. So there’s a sequel? In progress? What a story!!

Mary Paul Thomas, Raleigh, NC



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