Love in Transition Books

The Love in Transition series took thirty years to first see the light of publication. It finally began being published in Romania, while I lived in Belgium, in the mid-1990s. That coincides with Keep This Quiet! IV.

The Love in Transition series, I called “the unconscious history of the earth.” It depends on shedding light on some of the unconscious background of Earth events. Backstage details, formerly called “esoteric,” or private, subjective. Also sometimes called the “arcane,” at times the “eccentric.” Or things that just “fell through the cracks,” and apparently disappeared out of history. Or threads that tied into nothing. Sometimes whole sides of the human being, waiting for the “spirit of another time.” Sometimes deleted from the visible biography, as not matching, then, the “spirit of the time.”

I was fascinated with incongruous stories I personally witnessed or that came before my lifetime, these left-out bits of Earth history that held answers and secrets the world could use in its consciousness today. Secret openings to far different options and explanations. And only by the 1990s, as told in Keep This Quiet! IV, did I find any way at all to make those thirty years of writing public.


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