Here is an update about my interview for Beat Scene. It’s now finished and will come out in March. The technique of the publisher, Kevin Ring, was to e-mail one question, let me answer back (at length), and then send another question (or two) two weeks later. They were very provocative – in the sense of being probing. Nothing superficial or redundant. And now the piece will come out. I received the news today: “There will  be a two page spread on your book with image of the cover and press details  included.”

I wish I could pop over to England – wander through a London store and look at the copies standing on a rack. There are many interesting items in this 68-page magazine. I am looking forward to receiving a copy in the mail. The website home page explains:

“The magazine BEAT SCENE is the magazine of the Beat Generation. That’s Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, Richard Brautigan and co. For those that don’t know us – we are a paper magazine – 68 pages at present – devoted to the Beat Generation and associated writers, artists, musicians and whomever. We have been publishing for nineteen years and the magazine has grown in that time. We consider it primarily an information magazine. We list addresses, web sites, publishers etc. Consequently we try and publish interviews and features by and about those writers we rate highly.”

So that’s it. If 2012 goes on like this, I’ll be happy. It did.



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