International Prize New York City

Faces in Sun Blast, a Film photograph of a cloud scene, has been selected for the International Prize “New York City.” The Italian curators write:

Painterssculptorsphotographersvideo makersperformersgraphic designersstylists, who have contributed, through their work, to making their art known in the world. The artists of undisputed talent will be rewarded with an important prize for their career.

The art curators Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo established the “International Prize New York City,” with video exposure of the admitted works, and the prestigious art catalog “The Stars of Contemporary Art.” The WHITE SPACE Gallery CHELSEA (555 West Street N.Y.), located in the “Big Apple,” will host this event.

New York brings together the best of art, design, architecture and music of all the world. A place of dreams and emblem of the “new world,” New York is a symbol of travel overseas, of different cultures and styles that meet every day in its frenetic and very rich extra-ordinary daily life.

Besides the video exposure of Faces in Star Burst at the White Space Chelsea Gallery, October 21 – 24, 2020, the cloud giclee Film photograph will be displayed in the Italian magazine Art International Contemporary Magazine in the September/October issue.

Looking at the cloud photograph, which I took in Belgium in the late 1990s, when I took several rolls of these photos every day, then sorted out which ones to later have professionally scanned, I clearly see painting like scenes in patches. Isolated areas where a “painter” set up an easel and made a work of art. Only, it happened in the clouds. Also, with some intentional staring meditatively on my part. This image is the cover of a book in progress – a very short work by me on cloud artwork, its history, its effect on me, with examples of painting-like clouds.