*****The Art of Complicated Relationships

Margaret Harrell brilliantly illuminates the sentiments of three complicated relationships. This memoir is a unique exploration of Margaret’s memories, supplemented by letters from her three main characters. The letters allow the reader to become familiar with the men in a way that dialogue cannot. The heart-wrenching ambiguity of what is lost in translation is augmented by this form of conversation. Harrell’s writing is crisp and easy to follow. I found it nearly impossible to put the book down. Her adventurous spirit keeps the reader guessing what she will do next, and how these men will manage to keep up. This rare peek into the lives of three literary legends is seen through the eyes of a legend herself. The enthusiasm she brings to each page in her writing is a clear demonstration of her approach to life. Harrell is just as unforgettable as her characters. She has taught me to always search for artistic beauty, even in the most complicated of situations.I highly recommend Harrell’s memoir. I wish there was a sixth star option for the rare, exquisite pieces of literature such as, Keep This Quiet!

–Rachel Escobar, yoga teacher, Parisian-trained cook



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