Meeting Nick Storm

September 29, 2011

I have just sent away two copies of Keep This Quiet to a film maker who is going to the Gonzo Fest in Louisville, KY, on the 15th. As coincidence would have it, that’s the official pub date of this book. I can imagine him reading from a letter that Hunter wrote this very month eons ago, when he was trying to get Hell’s Angels to press.

He wrote back then, practically the first letter – from San Francisco:

Dear Margaret Ann—

It is now four hours and twenty minutes past the midnight deadline for my leaving this house, but I’m still here, sitting in a heap of boxes and debris….and working on this, my final effort, on what now seems to be a doomed book.


Naturally, it was not doomed. And no one will read that letter from the Gonzo Fest podium. But I just notice how exactly fitting it is that this book, with his words while preparing Hell’s Angels, winds up being winged there, to his hometown for his Fest on its pub date.

Nice planning, whoever did that. Hell’s Angels, by the way, still ranks high on Amazon.


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