Ron Whitehead warms up the audience  at gonzofest2014

It was a long process, but finally, thanks to Lumena Atherton’s work in cutting the video into clips, I can post a few glimpses into my presentation at the Gonzo Fest in Louisville last April. Thanks also of course to filmographer/political journalist Nick Storm, of Storm Generation Films, who is presently making a full-length biographical film of Ron Whitehead.

This YouTube clip is the introduction to my talk at an Indie bookstore–a colorful lead-in by Ron Whitehead. It’s always interesting when he’s on stage. And this time is no exception. After such an introduction, it’s easy to go next, because he’s the best at “warming up the audience.” I’ll put a few more clips up in the coming days. But nothing takes the place of viewing the DVD, all ninety minutes, as a whole. For now, though, I’m very pleased to have this Christmas gift to me of clips. Reminds me of a wonderful highlight in 2014. And indeed much longer into the past.


And many Holiday greetings to everyone, wishing you a most satisfying end of the year and a fabulous New Year.


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