Robert Morgan

Robert Morgan is a best-selling author  of an Oprah book selection and has many awards. He’s also a professor at Cornell. The New York Times wrote about Gap Creek: “You begin to feel, as you sometimes do when reading Cormac McCarthy’s or Harry Crew’s early novels, that the author has been typing with blood on his hands and a good deal of it has rubbed off onto your shirtsleeves.”

The only time I’m seen him is at a NC Writers Conference several years back, where I chose him to critique a few pages of Keep This Quiet! He was very encouraging, predicting success – and gave me a few well-selected style and content tips, saying, “This” – a passage – “is the heart of the book. Build on it.”

He was the featured speaker at the conference dinner and a much-touted author, so I was very appreciative he believed in my book early on. Then I sent him a review copy. Here is his blurb:

If you want to know what the Sixties were really like, read Keep This Quiet: A Memoir. It’s all there: the openness, the hope, the ideals, the risks, the highs and lows, the travel, the love.

Robert Morgan, Author of Gap Creek and Terroir


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