Hans’ Birthday

The vet just sent Hans a happy birthday card. His birthday is actually in early August. At least, it was  last year. On the other hand, perhaps we should begin celebrating right now.

So Hans is 6, and he came to me aged 2 1/2, when a light worker who had known Snoepie, my earlier dachshund, phoned that there was a dog just for  me.  She said he had been for a month at a vet shelter, and the fact that no one had taken him was a clue. She also said  he had lived with a lady 82 and a half to 85, who could not walk him outside. So he had had no dog socialization. The woman had just passed away. And Hans had been in the room alone for a day and a half with her body.

When he came to me, the first weekend was a DaBen seminar, so he stayed on the bed with me, listening to DaBen journeys. And he loved them. But in other ways he was like a wild, attacking Doberman. He was sure he had to protect his food and his toys. And threatened me with bites if I didn’t agree.

It took me a few days to realize that it was bluff. Then I was able to step in and teach him that we were a food-and-toy team. Now if he wants me to take a treat upstairs he stands over it, waiting for me to pick both him and the treat up.

He took instantly to the meditations and never had a moment’s problem with sitting in the classes I teach, just like Snoepie before him, who received a graduation certificate in light body (well deserved). They are on the light body grid with all the humans and probably with their soul groupings’ energy as well. Hans’ birthday date was on a plaque he came with. What bundles of joy pets can be. According to Rudolp Steiner, if I remember correctly, he believed they represented and held our emotions for us. Will have to look up the exact thing he said, but the reason I remember is that the more I learn about animals, the more I see what he meant. Caesar, of course, says they reflect our emotions, which is similar.


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