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Immerse yourself in ancient magical Atlantis.

The Black Pyramid, an interstellar ship, is also a temple, capable of travel across far distances and all dimensions, holding a mystery. Traveling deeper into the depths of the dark temple, an alchemist is setting up an experiment involving a micro-creature. He asks, “Will my name be the one written in the hearts of Atlanteans?” With nano-crystals circulating inside his bloodstream “an army of powerful dark beings,” he sets into motion a plan to redesign, redirect, the fate of the human race. Obviously, starting like this, the book is highly charged and imaginative. Qali the Alchemist is a product of genetic mutation (Project Alpha)—with a beam of transcendental technology fired into his DNA. But he is just one of the unforgettable characters, which include Halo-Sun the magician and Mirabella, a high priestess, in a love story. The warlike Devon Prime Selected, half dead, half alive, uses alien technology to preserve his condition. In the Capitol of Atlantis, collective consciousness uses the applied science of crystal computing and nanotechnology—for which reason the renegade group, the Black Pyramid, had the means to break away and take root. The twenty destroyers of the Queen are in heavy battle to defeat that renegade mythical ship. “We have entered the last era of Atlanti. . . . Keys for the future are in our hands, and we must focus all our abilities collectively into a positive outcome,” Halo reveals to Mirabella in ominous anguish.

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