Keep this Quiet! 4 fourth book of the keep this quite memoir series, margaret a. harrell revised edition 2018Read how Margaret, “a grand synthesizer,” weaves together her life journey; it spans friendship with Hunter Thompson and mystical initiations in “Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energy.” Her attempt to make the two ends fit into her life attracts amazing teachers and also leads to many ups and downs.

“What happens when the blinders against quantum ‘magic’ are lifted?” Keep This Quiet! IV asks: ” Our life experience shifts profoundly. The updated, new edition of Keep This Quiet! IV – retitled Ancient Secrets Revealed – integrates mystical, practical Teachings embedded in Harrell’s life. The narrative begins in the ’90s in Belgium, where parapsychological, or siddhi, phenomena follow the death of her boyfriend. She seeks out Hunter Thompson as part of her support group and is soon at Owl Farm. Read what happens next, as “the roadman for the Lords of Karma” meets Margaret again, this time when she’s in the grip of spirit initiations, including contact she perceives from her main soul grouping, leading to ever more profound life experiences.