Podcast on Meditation Tips, including for busy executives

This is the new podcast interview of me by Ayrial founder, Victoria Weston, called “A Meditative State.” Or here.

It’s about several topics and ends up with a lively discussion on editing. I think it’s interesting. It’s certainly informative.

She also, naturally – as the topic is ostensibly meditation – started off with questions about what meditation is and what a meditative state is, and what’s the danger of walking around like a zombie. And how is it possible to steal a few minutes to meditate while sitting at your work desk? And what would be the advantages of that? She also, as she always does, asks a question or two about my work with Hunter Thompson.

The podcast is setting up a new special she’s offering: a fifteen-minute experience of meditating with me in which I hold space or guide a meditation, that might take place in a break while at work.