NEWEST REVIEWS: Keep This Quiet! IV: Ancient Secrets Revealed

The very newest reviews of Keep This Quiet! IV come from two people close to Dhyanyogi-ji. It was very important to me that they like the material on Guruji. Here is what they said.

I finally got a chance to read through all of the sections . . . about Guruji [Dhyanyogi-ji] and Anandi Ma and I am blown away! Thanks to Margaret for writing all of these wonderful stories! She is such a gifted writer.
—Jan Handel, Dhyanyoga Centers Antioch administrator and meditation instructor

Margaret Harrell is a skilled professional writer with excellent ability to communicate and weave esoteric ideas about science, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. Richard Unger’s channeled hand analysis descriptionof her as a ‘grand synthesizer’ was apt and accurate.
—Ron Rattner, author of the forthcoming From Litigation to Meditation: An ex-lawyer’s spiritual metamorphosis from secular Hebrew to born again Hindu to uncertain Undo. Ron is the also chief writer for

Sample reviews I am very proud of - as I am proud of all the reviews - are excerpted below:

I've always found Margaret Harrell's writing wonderfully relaxing and well thought out. Keep This Quiet! IV is no different. I can just pick it up and slot myself in comfortably. With each book I find myself getting entwined in the words . . . The life . . . The emotion. The education. The peace. Her work allows me to breathe and feel.

-MARTIN FLYNN, owner of "

Margaret Harrell's blending and merging the whole of a human being and beyond into the cosmos is astounding writing and what a lifetime Journey she has taken to arrive to this book. She is working with a whole new and different combined East-West and Middle Paradigm.

-SUZANNE V. BROWN, former VP, Exceptional Human Experience Network



It’s very timely for me, as I’m about to go through the eye of the needle again. I got excited and intrigued because this is going to be helpful. It just brings present the field of unknowing.

—Jyoti, Spiritual Director, Center for Sacred Studies

I finally got a chance to read through all of the sections you so kindly provided about Guruji [Dhyanyogi-ji] and Anandi Ma and I am blown away!  Thank you SO MUCH for writing all of these wonderful stories! You are such a gifted writer!  My hope and dream is to finally take a little time off in late November so I can curl up on my couch with your book and a cup of tea and immerse myself in it from start to finish.

Jan Handel, who “has served as the administrator of Dhyanyoga Centers-Antioch since 2010 and as the Introduction to Meditation instructor since 2011. She has studied yoga and meditation with Shri Anandi Ma in the U.S. and in India since 1983 and has taught meditation to both staff and patients in mental health facilities and hospitals.”


Keep This Quiet! IV is an inherently fascinating, engaging thought-provoking, and consistently compelling read from beginning to end. Of special note is the inclusion of exercises to offer the reader deftly crafted practical help in learning how they can work with metaphysical energy. While very highly recommended for community and academic library Metaphysical Studies collections, it should be noted for students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that Keep This Quiet! IV is also available in e-book. 

Midwest Book Review

A book of wonder-spirit, ghosts, hope, mysticism, mystery. If you ever had instincts, premonitions, or felt you are out of place or feel you know things - that there is a whole world beyond, there's more magic in this world than there's supposed to be - I feel this book is for you. Especially if you're in the last one third of your life and think, 'I want to unlock the mysteries, I want some answers, I'm not done.'

-ALICE OSBORN, author of Heroes without Capes.

Ayrial Interview on KTQ! IV

I am proud to begin this adventure of joining a group of mind/body/spirit consultants. Here is the link. Ayrial/MediaQuire, founded by Victoria Lynn W