More Belgium Shots

Here are two more shots – these inside the home I visited in Belgium in a small village in the Walloon (French) part of the country. Above is one of Chris Van de Velde, me, and Chris’s girlfriend, Mary. The room shows the inside of a beautiful, comfortable Belgian home I was lucky enough to be invited into.

Chris does therapy and counseling through experiential learning. He was the first person I did energy studies under and has branched out widely in the decades since. On LinkedIn Chris writes: “No tricks of the trade, no technical approach nor a mechanical world view here. Instead: the old adagium of ‘knowing thyself’ and ‘caring for others.’ My experience and the unfolding expertise ranges over a variety of guiding people individually and in groups to embody authenticity, compassion and presence. I am very grateful for being given the opportunity to guide future therapists, coaches and counselors, to support teachers with youth at risk and to explore charismatic leadership with managers in varied contexts (corparate and education), charisma meaning both ‘that which brings joy’ and ‘serving the good of all.'”

Margaret Harrell in Belgium 2015