At Dancing Moon – Saturday, July 16


In case you’re free or intend to come, here’s a reminder about my Dancing Moon event tomorrow.

Spirituality Book Launch

Keep This Quiet! IV: More Initiations

By Margaret A. Harrell

2 – 4 p.m.  – at Dancing Moon Books and Gifts 

1840 Wake Forest Rd.
Raleigh NC 27612

Dancing Moon Newsletter: Join us in the front Fairy Room at Dancing Moon for an experience like no other! Margaret will read from her book, sign books which will be for sale at the store and lead everyone into a meditation! FREE

Newest Critique:

Keep This Quiet! IV  is an inherently fascinating, engaging thought-provoking, and consistently compelling read from beginning to endMidwest Book Review

The evening will focus on the new book—April 27 was the pub date—though the spectrum of a life story will also be in play.

Keep This Quiet! IV is for people interested in a spiritual journey that includes every sort of unexpected development, from romantic to mystical. Especially interesting to people in the midst of a spiritual awakening or who are asking questions about the meaning and purpose of their life. Told in a storytelling manner, it is the fourth in the Keep This Quiet! series. Set years after KTQ! vol. I, as the years in New York City and in Morocco continue to unfold—this time in the personal-transformation vein. Milieu: primarily Tienen, Belgium. A few scenes in the USA, including one at Owl Farm. But in this volume the story revolves around a spiritual awakening that spans different traditions and cultures.

Jyoti, the spiritual director of the Center for Sacred Studies, says it “brings present the field of unknowing.” Alice Osborn, author of Heroes without Capes, writes “This is a book of wonder—spirit, ghosts, hope, mysticism, mystery. If you ever had instincts, premonitions, or felt you are out of place or feel you know things—that there is a whole world beyond, there’s more magic in this world than there’s supposed to be—I feel this book is for you.”

Amazon description: In Keep This Quiet! IV: More Initiations, Margaret A. Harrell dives deeper into the multidimensional world of visions, computer-PK (mental influence over the computer), divine guidance, Carl Jung, and science. The story takes place in the ’90s in Tienen, Belgium, where assorted parapsychological phenomena accompany the death of her housemate. Quickly checking in with Hunter Thompson, she winds up at Owl Farm, then returns to her Flemish base. Initiations welcome her back and she goes further onto her path, which spans spirituality and science, Hunter Thompson, and the Indian guru Dhyanyogi-ji, whose tradition of Kundalini Maha Yoga she is initiated into. Many traditions join hands in this book.

About the Author

Margaret A. Harrell is a three-time fellow of MacDowell Colony who recently authored the memoir series: Keep This Quiet! A free-lance editor, she was Hunter Thompson’s copy editor at Random House for Hell’s Angels. Since 2002 she has taught light body  courses in the DaBen and Orin (Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman) school, which explore the dynamics and untapped potential of ourselves in various translations of our energy.