Gonzo Today interview <Br> C. A. Seller with Margaret Harrell

Gonzo Today contributer C. A. Seller interviewed me at length, over multiple emails, and then got down to the actual questions, which are included in the final piece, which has just been published. Hats off to him for such work. And there’s a fantastic bit of artwork by publisher Clayton Luce that you have to see, whether you read a word. So here’s the link:


In addition to the phenomenal prepping and then questions by Charlie Seller, topping that off is this incredible artwork by the publisher. The prepping was a series of emails in which Charlie probed as to what kind of person I was and answered back about himself in kind. That was in addition to actually ordering and reading Keep This Quiet! IV – taking notes, he told me. And that led him to formulate wide-roaming questions. Thanks very much to both Charlie and Clayton.