Hunter and the Bikers TODAY

Kevin Ring, publisher of Beat Scene in England, sent me this link from The Guardian. It reflects something I was already thinking about. Looking at the recent events in Waco, Texas, it brandishes this headline: “Why gonzo journalism is crucial to our understanding of cities and their tribes.” As I heard TV newscasters interview people about other gangs, and in particular the Hell’s Angels, I thought I was looking into the past. The challenge Hunter made to traditional reporting back then – those magazines that were sensationalizing an admittedly bleak picture – seemed to jump out of retirement and the need for HST-type reporting, or immersion, on the very story that made him jump into the national limelight was evident again. This is a short intro to my thoughts on how the clock seemed to turn right back around. I’ll write more later. For now, the Guardian piece is very thought-provoking. Immersion indeed. Very good reporting.